• Yes, but so should other countries.

    Even if someone doesn't believe in global warming, I think we can all agree that people and, especially, industries are polluting the environment at an alarming speed. It would be a good idea for the United States to pass some laws about it. That being said, if we are doing a lot and other countries aren't joining in, then it's all for naught, so we need to encourage other countries to make similar strides.

  • Yes, the climate is in trouble.

    We should no longer be calling it global warming but instead it needs to be understood as climate change. The climate of the planet is shifting, and it is a stage in evolution that is probably not positive because of our human interference. So a Climate Bill would help to make hurting the climate illegal.

  • No they should not

    Maybe they should not pass a climate bill because it could possibly effect the economy in a negative way. If they start using newer methods to minimize harmful emissions, then the taxpayers will have to pay more on their everyday utilities and that will hurt the poor people even more.

  • Support Green Technology

    I do not believe the US needs to pass a climate bill. I believe the US needs to do more to support and encourage green technology. I think they should encourage the wealthy to install and use renewable energies and try to proliferate these technologies throughout their communities via philanthropy. Making these changes across the nation would be a great help to future generations in this country.

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