• Yes we do!

    We need to raise are Minimum Wage because life in america is getting harder and harder it is starting to cost more to live. In order to survive many americans are having to live with there parents still just so that they can survive. Parents want there childern to be out of there house but they cant because they dont get payed enough!

  • Yes we do!

    We have to learn from the mistakes of the past. In the past, the western enemy was the communists, most notably the USSR. But why did people look at communism in the first place?

    The reason is simple, solid and a easy clear, as mark likes to say, the bourgeoisie.
    These people saw communism as a solution, the flashlight in a cave with no light.

    When the bourgeoisie abuse the proletariat, they see communism as hope.
    But give the poor more money, communism`s main attraction fall, the lights in a flashlight can run out of batteries.

    Therefore, raising the minimal wage can fight communism!

  • No doubt.

    When the bottom line is that the U.S. economy is growing at a fairly well-rounded pace, corporate and stock profit are at all-time highs, and yet millions of Americans still can't afford things like health insurance, there's a problem with wages. When you have the minimum wage down dangerously close to the poverty level, I feel like anybody with half a brain is going to take a welfare check, be provided with support, food, and health care, over $7.50 an hour working a farm or something. I feel like it's a huge reason for such a high unemployment rate.

  • Inflation.

    The economy has been in a downturn for a while now and the whole way to get improve investor confidence is to spend more money. If the minimum wage is raised then part-time workers, mostly teenagers, would have more spending money and would therefore help the economy. Inflation has steadily been on the rise too since the last increase and with the recent tax hikes, it is necessary to increase minimum wage.

  • Yes, the U.S. needs to raise the mininum wage

    The minimum wage is too low for a person to support himself but it would be very difficult to get it raised. The pay structure in most companies is so skewed toward the top of the pay pyramid that finding incentives to change this would be nearly impossible. CEO's and upper management in most companies feel entitled to their multi-million salaries, bonuses and perks, and a private company would not want to change for fear of losing what is perceived as talent. An opportunity to raise the minimum wage in the public sector might be there but that also increases expenditures for most agencies that are ill-equipped to handle the increase.

  • Yes the U.S. needs to raise the minimum wage.

    I think U.S. minimum wage needs to be an hourly rate that makes it possible for a person to live on. The minimum wage rate is too low and it makes it impossible to pay all your bills without picking up an extra job. However I do believe that if the economy is doing bad we should not raise the minimum wage rate until it is doing better.

  • Do not raise minimum wage!!!!

    Unemployment will increase because smaller businesses will not be able to pay new employees, let alone there existing employees. Statistics prove that unemployment increased in every state that tried to raise there minimum wage, and this is definitely not good for the economy, so I say we do not raise the minimum wage.

  • Definitely no raise!

    My parents used to work minimum wage for a living, now they're engineers. I understand. Many of my friends must work minimum wage to pay for college. However, I want to keep minimum wage minimum wage! I don't want people do start doing flipping burgers for careers. They're last resort jobs! Not careers!

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT - it hurts the growth and integrity of both the economy and small businesses.

    I would argue that we need to eliminate or reduce the minimum wage, but if we absolutely HAVE to keep it where it is, then that is the furthest to the left I can possibly be willing to go on this issue. The minimum wage is an awful, corrupt, and irresponsible bureaucratic order that hurts business growth, incentivizes labor unions, and makes Americans selfish. Being paid very little is being paid nothing at all. I am so sick of workers who make decent salaries complaining about how little they get. Unemployment is too high in this country. To save the economy, the minimum wage can NOT be raised. If you are unhappy with your compensation, shut up and go somewhere else. LIBERALS ARE SO SELFISH.

  • Minimum Wage Should Stay Where It is

    The minimum wage in America should stay where it is and there is no reason to raise it at this time. It was just raised a few years ago. I think the $7.50 minimum wage that stands now is very fair. If you raise that amount there will be a trickle down affect that we can't afford in this country.

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