Does the U.S. need to take better care of its veterans?

  • Of course they need to be taken care of!

    These people have fought for us who are enjoying our freedom. They were put in harms way to save our asses, yet many have to sit homeless on the street. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have a democracy, people couldn't work to make their money, and we would all be victims socialism or communism. These vets deserve way better, because they fought for the freedoms we enjoy today.

  • The VAMC system could be improved.

    As a veteran I may be biased but when we joined certain promises were made to us. One of them was that we would have health care when we got out. The government has not provided this for all veterans and retirees. Our public servants get gold plated care after they serve. Do veterans who protect this nation deserve less?

  • Unfairly Treated Veterans

    Veterans are treated poorly and get next to nothing for their service. Many disorders are caused by things that they endured while serving our country and get nothing in return for it. They might not receive any type of help for sleeping disorders or ptsd. Many veterans suffer from nightmares or paranoia from what they witnessed when serving. Old and young veterans from older and more recent wars have suffered so much with no compensation. They don't get enough money for what they do either. Some jobs may require them to handle dangerous materials or go on dangerous missions and get almost nothing for it. Their lives are in danger and they get less than a regular business owner may make. It is simply ridiculous that they make less than a man defending a ball when they defend our country, it is discraceful.

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