Does the U.S. need to take meaningful action against IEDs?

  • Yes, the U.S should

    IEDs are very dangerous to begin with and can have catastrophic consequences if they are obtained by the wrong people. It is possible to put pressure plates on IEDs, which would cause them to go off by driving over or even walking over ones that are buried. Action should be taken to prevent this.

  • Yes, action should be taken

    IEDs harm and kill American soldiers and civilians in war zones, and have the potential to be used in the homeland. Funding for better anti-IED measures for troops, such as increased under vehicle armor plating and more sensitive sensors for convoys will help lessen the effect of IEDs and decrease their viability as a weapon to be used against America

  • Yes, action needs to be made against IED's!

    Too many people are capable of making improvised explosive devices. It's to the point yo can't even carry hand sanitizer on a plane because it can be construed as a possible bomb agent. I was watching a show on how people use pressure cookers to make a bomb and my thought was, "Sure, show them how it's done! Put the idea in their head." The U.S. Needs to crack down on that capability to make home bombs.

  • No-It will cost too much

    Trying to make IEDS more detectable will cost more money,money our government does not have.You can create a bomb without using detectable materials,so you won't find every single IED the enemy plants.Also there are other devices you can use to make a homemade bomb other than IEDS.So no I don't agree.

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