Does the U.S. need to update the Family Medical Leave Act?

  • Yes, I believe so!

    If there was not a need for FMLA act, it would not have been created! Employers are about how they can maximize there profit, and treat employees as machines instead of people. I have worked many jobs that if I did not have FMLA due to my daughter's asthma, I would have lost my job!

  • Yes

    I would argue that employees need more control over their lives, especially when it comes to taking leave for giving birth and raising children. People should also be granted more vacation time (much like what is found in Europe) and more sick time. We need to stop basing our lives around our employers and start living our own lives.

  • Update It Now

    As time progresses, so do the needs of the United States of America and its citizens. The Family Medical Leave Act(FMLA) is one such thing that is not immune to the changing needs of this country. It is outdated and needs to be updated to reflect what this country requires.

  • No, it's not necessary

    The FMLA is a legislative measure that was never needed in the first place. Employers, on their own, have programs that care for the needs of their valued employees. This was just another feel good measure done for pure politics. Mandates on employers only suppress business. There is no need to update a program that should have never been enacted, except to repeal it.

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