• They Reformed It?

    Yes, they did reform welfare back in 1996 but in 2012 President Obama gutted the TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families act by allowing states to illegally ignore the work requirement portion of the law. That portion states they must have, I believe, a minimum of 40% of the people receiving aid in some stage of working, i.e. career development, actively looking for a job or have a job. So, it is currently not in a state of being reformed, which is why I suggest that it needs to be reformed.

  • It is a broken system

    Yes, the United States need welfare reform. It has proven to be a broken system. Many of those that are on welfare are taking advantage of the system and bleeding the taxpayer out of their money. Granted everyone on the welfare are not cheating the system, but those that are need to be removed so that those that need assistance can gain assistance.

  • Yes, the USA needs welfare reform.

    I think that the United States of America needs welfare reform. I think that too many people are abusing the system today. The welfare system needs to be fixed so that more and more people can benefit from the funds going somewhere else. I do think that political problems will prevent the issue from being fixed.

  • Yes, I think the US needs welfare reform.

    Overall I think the US welfare system allows to much abuse and waste that the system should be looked at and reformed wherever possible, I think that we should always be looking at where the taxpayers money is going and making sure the movie is being spent in the best way possible from welfare to military spending.

  • Yes, we do.

    The welfare reform we need is that more funding and monies need to be allocated to people who cannot afford food or housing. Or would you rather see homeless mothers and their children sleeping in cardboard boxes on the side of the road? Giving to the needy is a ethical must.

  • They already reformed it

    Things are never going to be perfect. Last time we reformed welfare to where people still get welfare, but eventually will be eased into a job. The problem is they do not have enough jobs for these people. If people want to get rid of welfare, then lets create more jobs. Let's pay people an honest wage for an honest days work.

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