• Yes we do

    86% population of the federal prison population are arrested for drugs.
    We should lower the penalty sentence for drug addicts because they need help with their addiction and not being tortured by the rapists, murderers etc. 1 out of 100 people are in jail. America has 5% of worlds population in jail.

  • Yes prisons need reform

    I believe prison should be a place where criminals are put to hard labor, and I believe prisons should help rehabilitate them accordingly. I DO NOT believe drug laws need reform however. People who are on drugs and sell drugs are a threat to the society! I believe those people who have drug related sentences need to be placed in prison, but in a different environment from other criminals with different felonies. Jails do not provide the right requirements to prepare inmates to renter the real world. If the government provide different jobs correlated with the different felons and their problems. This will not only help the criminals when they renter society, but also provide jobs and help stimulate the economy.

  • No, prisons do not need to reform

    Our prisons today are horrible. The prisons should have the prisoners working for elder out of the hell hole they are in right now. I believe that the prisoners should have more rights liking voting inside the prison. If the prisoners hurt the elders that they are helping they should be put back in the prison it is as easy as that. Prisoners are bad for what they did doesnt mean we have to treat them like crap.

  • Yes, we should

    The United States need prison reform because it helps the prisoners, in the sense that they are put into labor. This helps take their mind off their surroundings while also giving them time to reflect on their past decisions. This can possibly help them change their ways once they return to society. Prison reform also helps put tax payers money to work. Instead of citizens paying to keep people in prison who have been a menace to society, now being put into work will help benefit society, and hopefully teach inmates the value of work, hopefully changing their ways.

  • Prison's need Reform

    Without reform the criminals aren't really getting any help in being better people. You need to reform and allow them a chance to understand why they should be good people or restrain themselves from commiting crimes. They need the chance to realize the value in life and in our country.

  • For 100% certain

    The system is lacking on rehabilitating criminals and reducing recidivism. It will always happen but the numbers are outrageous. My take is:
    *Lower the crime penalties for drugs. Seriously.
    *People who commit crimes against the person such as domestic violence and assault, etc. Deserve more time in prison than thieves.
    *Have rehabilitation programs in place related to your crime.

    Rehabiltation programs should be customized to the inmate related on them and their crime. It should involve psychology, support groups and a case worker. The case worker would enroll the inmate in classes. A thief takes courses on finance management, etc. An assaulter takes classes on anger management, etc. Probation supervision would serve more than just a curfew and a restitution fee but would also enroll the offender in courses, such as resume building, felony employment bonding programs, GED courses if applicable, etc. The probation officer would be an extension of rehabilitation.

  • Yes the U.S. prison system needs reform.

    Specifically in how they contain the prisoners. Still I am against prisons in general as I don't like the concept of locking a human being in a cell with other violent human beings. What does that solve? It almost seems inhumane, like the prisoners are animals and we lock them away in cages as if they were no longer human.

  • Yes recidivism rates are ridiculous

    At the current time the prison system in the United States is in dire need of reform. The system seems to do little to rehabilitate offenders and many end up going back to jail for more serious crimes. The system should aim to rehabilitate people and try other programs for non-violent criminals.

  • TOO MANY PEOPLE in prison

    There are people in prison who have only sold drugs. I really feel that prison is meant for serious offenders and not people who have committed minor crimes. I do not want to be paying my tax dollars to imprison people who are not a danger to society. Use the resources to keep the murderers off the street.

  • Yes, American Prisons Need Reform

    There is a big problem with overcrowding and not enough space to house people. This can lead to oversight problems. For instance, how can guards keep themselves and the inmates safe when they are vastly out numbered? The first way to fix the problem is to reform drug laws and and get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing. That will help shrink prison populations.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Don't be nice to criminals.

    Prison is, or should be, a deterrent to not to break the law. If you don't want to go to prison, don't break the law. Simple. If the offender took something from somewhere that he/she did not own, that means there is a victim. If you are crying for the criminals, you are also slapping the victims across the face. Don't forget the victims of the crimes the criminals are sent to prison for.

  • No, prison does not need reform.

    I'll admit our prison system is not great in this country. There are many issues with it but to say it needs reform means there is a better way to do things. I don't see a better way of handling the prison system so I do not see a need to reform the system.

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