• The Last 150 Years of School Have Been Standardized

    I personally am a kinetic learner, meaning working with my hands commits to memory better than hearing or reading something. Although visual and hearing learners are much more common, affecting my personal education. Most schools standardize their criteria on the fact that most people learn one way, so the people who cant learn that way end up suffering. The last 150 years of the school system has been that way. Meaning that with the advancement of tech so rapidly, the new generation has a vast and various world around them, although they're not being taught that way. They're being taught the same way as the generations that were only dreaming about today's tech. The new generations need to be taught base on themselves and not the other students around them so that the world can have as many geniuses as needed for the ever growing technology in today's society. The world and economy are both evolving rapidly, so I suggest the school system does the same before the next generations end up dumb-stricken, sitting on their thumbs in a corner crying because no one knows what to do.

  • Our schools are corrupt.

    The schools in the u.K and other countries pay their teachers really well and have a good code to how they do it they have bullies here and their but they give them a placement test at the start of the year and send it off to officials who the decide what difficulty of classes to put them in.

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