Does the U.S. spend too much money on ex-presidents?

  • Yes, millions are spent on ex-Presidents each year.

    There is a tremendous amount of money spent on the ex-Presidents every year. Granted at this time we only have a few ex-Presidents, but between the security and the pensions they are provided, as well as other ex-dignitary benefits, it amounts to millions of taxpayer dollars every year. This is money better spent elsewhere in our struggling economy.

  • Yes, too much money is spent on ex-presidents.

    I think a president should be treated the same as any other retiree. They should receive a pension and live on that. Most many have plenty of money in the bank. They were previous governors, or political figures, and they should have saved during those years. They are no different than any other person.

  • The US spends a lot of money on ex-presidents.

    While being a President is a very stressful job, it has a lot of post-presidency perks. Many former Presidents have written memoirs or released their diaries to be published. They get paid royalties on these. Also, they're often hired to be speakers at universities and party events. The question isn't asking to slash their money entirely, but is just asking if the current amount is too much.

  • No, it's is similar to retirement benefits for executives.

    I think it's akin to retirement benefits for executives of corporations. Running the country is a massive job and the ex-presidency requirements are just part of the package. They still have a high status which makes them vulnerable. Their security, and that of their family, is still important to the country.

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