• Yes, We are

    Immigrants, Illegal and legal, Receive free health care, Schooling, Cash aid, Housing vouchers, And food stamps. Also, According to the Center for Immigration Studies, So immigrant ruin households obtain an average of 6, 241 dollars in welfare. That is 41% more than native households, Which receive an average of 4, 431 dollars.

  • Yes but we should spend it in other ways.....

    We spend a lot of money on immigration....But we spend it in the wrong fields. We spend more money paying out welfare to these people, then when they have babies, Americans spend too much money on programs to teach their children English. Then on top of that we allow them to build churches all over the place and buy property here and they are not paying taxes on that property since it is brought through the churches. Not to mention all the cost of translating services because these people refuse to learn English!
    Instead we should be spending more money on kicking out illegals and their brats, we should also spend it on securing the border and tighter immigration background checks from their birth countries.....For any of those countries that do not allow background checks on their people, america should not allow those countries immigrants to come into the USA.

  • Yes We Do

    The United States spends too much on immigration. We spend cash on border patrol, documentation to get people their citizenship, and many other things. It is getting out of hand. Not to mention that we do not spend a lot of this money wisely and waste a lot of it.

  • Yes

    I'll agree with the commentary to the right that the money is not used correctly, and that's where my agreement with it ends. There's nothing wrong with giving people that want a decent life a means of obtaining it if they're willing to work for it, sorry. I do think that it would be easy to discover squandered resources in he budget to address immigration.

  • I thinks its the right amount

    While I too agree that the money is not being spent correctly, I believe we cannot cut that cost either. Right now I don't think the issue is with those who are attempting to improve their lives, I believe the issue is those who are coming across to sell drugs and commit crimes. That is the real issue on the border. We can make a big deal out of those who are truly attempting to help themselves or we can look are a larger issues and that is dealing with the crimes that center around those borders.

  • We Spend the Right Amount, Just Not Correctly

    This is a double-edged sword, given how the U.S. is using money to ENCOURAGE illegal immigration by giving people that don't belong here money to get by, allowing them to have driver's licenses, and even wanting to use taxpayer dollars on giving illegals education so they can be a part of a society they forced their way into. Why can't they use that money to deport them instead? Illegals are killing the economy by sending money back to their families in Mexico or wherever else they come from, as opposed to using it in America. In theory, the U.S. is spending the proper amount on immigration, but not for the right purpose. We should find was to deter illegal immigration and encourage legal visas instead, which works as a quality control system. As all illegal immigrants are criminals (since they're here illegally in the first place), we don't want them here. We shouldn't be using our taxpayer dollars to aid them, we should be doing the opposite. We're merely encouraging the problem to get worse. I am simply answering "no" here, even though I don't agree with how the money is being used in the first place, I do think we're spending the right amount.

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