Does the U.S. welfare system need to be reformed?

  • Yes, it does.

    I agree with changing the system, absolutely. I am on welfare and I cannot stand the stigma that comes with it. I am on it because I need to be, I am a full time student/full time single mother with a two year old that is in and out of the hospital. I am using it because I need to be. I cannot work because of my daughters health issues, so am doing online classes to hopefully give us a better life for us when it is time. I know plenty of people who just use it because they don't want to work. That is not right. For me it is a means to an end, I don't plan to be on it for the rest of my life like the people that I know who have absolutely no problem doing that. I think that random drug screening should be required absolutely.

  • Yes This is a needed reform

    A leg up , to help, to provide a temporary assistance, these are all statements that have been used to describe our current system. The issue is that many have chosen to depend on these "temporary assistance" to sustain a living. I am very much for helping those in need but I believe many are able to move at something. I also believe drug testing should be a prerequisite to receiving benefits.

  • No more freeloaders

    Welfare needs to be reformed so that anyone who is physically capable of working can't live off of it. Even handicapped people are capable of doing physically simple work like office work. However, many people just sit around and let the hardworking people pay for them to live. Mandatory periodic drug testing should also be put into play. Hardworking people should not be paying for bums to use welfare to get their latest fix. Welfare should only be for people who are completely incapable of doing any work (e.G. Someone with cerebral palsy) and their caretakers or for single parents who have proven they have a job that does not provide enough money for their survival (but even that should have very specific specifications). Before the welfare system was in place, things were simple. Everyone either worked, or they begged on the side of the street. As John Smith said, "He who does not work, neither shall he eat."

  • Yes it does.

    Some of the many problems with welfare is the loopholes in the system. One of the biggest loopholes, are people getting away with living with wealthy relatives and still getting welfare. Four sisters with 17 children bagged $540,000.00 in taxpayer monies since 2006 by staying home and babysitting for each other. And it’s supposed to be illegal! Even when state officials cracked down on welfare a bit by making their benefit cards not being able to be used in liquor stores, casinos or strip clubs; of course there was a possible loophole. The rules may let them be able to use the ATM, and get money to use anywhere they choose. But by far one of the biggest problems with welfare, is people using it while doing drugs.
    I thought welfare was supposed to give a little help for necessities? Now the system gives the opportunity’s to drink and gamble. The government allows people the EBT cards to buy food with, but look how that turned out? I think they need no EBT cards, we give the food they need, and they get a job. And I don’t mean get a job in 2 years, I mean get a job in 6 months and under. People need to quit counting on the government.

  • Definitely needs it

    While i recognize that welfare has many good things to it such as helping the children when the parent doesn't do anything to support them, there are better ways to help those children. Taking them away is a good example. Welfare means well but it has cost more than all of America's wars combined. Don't believe me? It's costed more than $20 trillion, which is greater than the country's debt. Drug testing and putting a time limit on how long you can receive welfare would be great ways to start reforms

  • Yes It Does

    I believe we would all be better off if the United States government took the time to reform what is left of the welfare system. I do not believe there are as many programs out there as people believe there are, but I think these divisions at the state level could really be changed for the better, if we would put the time into doing so.

  • without a doubt

    generations abuse the system. there should be no free welfare. cant find a job? how about picking up trash on our roads and streets to earn that welfare? drug testing would be a good idea. they drug test people who work and earn a living but they cant drug test those who don't? field work instead of allowing people from mexico to come here and work. why do people keep having kids they cannot afford and expect someone else to support them? seriously who needs to have a kid every year? but then why not? our system will give you more welfare money, more free food, housing, schooling, discount utilities, better medical then middle class can afford, all while they do what ever they want all day. having a president who says on one hand he is all about creating jobs and lowering the unemployment and then on the other hand sees he needs the votes of those looking for the free handouts and bending over backwards for non usa citizens sucks. us born citizens should get jobs first. nothing, nothing, nothing should be free. free handouts is this country's downfall. California is the worst. it is amazing how many people from mexico are on welfare, have post office boxes right over the border, live in mexico, and come just to collect their check. what did this country do before welfare? they had to work like everybody else. why should people who work pay taxes when people who are earning money going from business to business selling food, fruit, washing cars, cash only dont pay taxes.

    Posted by: moes
  • Yes it does.

    I have to agree that it does need reforming. The Welfare system requires work because of the population of poor that do live on streets. For some it seems more difficult to get on welfare then others. Also monitory drug testing is a great idea. Mostly for drugs like cocaine, pcp, heroine. Weed in my opinion should not be illegal.

  • Needs to be reformed!

    Yes, the U.S. welfare system definitely needs to be reformed. We have too many people out there living on the streets that are still hungry and cold, while others are taking advantage of the system. I feel like something such as mandatory drug testing would be a great way to start out a welfare reform!

  • Yes vary much so.

    It’s a needed system but for most its not enough to live on when times are hard. The most good it does is when people use it to go with their unclaimed, under the table jobs. Then it’s a real wind fall. But as for a family that’s just lost its income and needs help keeping their home, its worth less. In my area max cash benefits are about $300.00 per month. Trying paying rent with that.

  • Welfare should stay.

    Welfare provides basic needs for poor, elderly, or disabled people. It also benefits religious organizations and committees and groups. My brother relies on welfare. He has food stamps and much more. He is a single father with two children and no permanent home. He always used to borow money until he signed up for welfare. He has a job now that he can pay for daycare and his life is getting back on track.

  • No I dont think it should be reformed

    There would be too many families that would be homeless think of the children people come on!!! I personally think everyone that does not work trying to support children should have welfare! If they can not support themselves the children should not be suffering because of the parents choices its not like they can do anything about it!

  • Hey hey hey

    Welfare is worth the cost and people are suffering such as my brother a single parent with 2 kids and no permanent home. Welfare needs to stay and not be reformed. Maybe it could be cut back a little but not abolished. Many people would starve without the welfare programs.

  • No, it does not

    The American welfare system is a strange beast. On one hand we're helping families in need that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford common necessities that come with American life: food, shelter, and electricity.

    On the other hand we can't really know if our support is going to people that actually need it, and not abusers of the system. Either way, welfare is like the name suggests: fair. It's about enough to live on, and regardless of the bad apples that the media states use the system, thousands of children are helped each year with the system, and that child might just be the next Steve Jobs.

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