Does the UK have the right to create a database with information about citizens?

  • UK's government can establish whatever database that it wants

    In reality, no one can stop anyone from creating a list of people and fill it up with as much information that can fit in its pages. Most people have facebook and twitter accounts and spread their lives and hopes and dreams available for anyone to read. Why shouldn't the Uk gather the same info and compile it into a database.

  • Yes, the creation of an information database for all UK citizens is revolutionary

    The government has been planning this database of its citizens for years - it will take 10 years to fully implement the database. People are encouraged to join the scheme voluntarily.Having fingerprints and photographs registered on a national ID database means more security for people and better identity protection. This information will improve and enhance airport travel and security.

  • Yes, teh UK has the right to keep information on its citizens

    Yes, the UK has the right to keep a database of information on its citizens. The government has no reason to harass individuals who are not doing anything wrong. Safeguards can be placed on how this information is obtained and how it can be used. This type of information could cut down on terror attacks and crime and help to make society safer.

  • No government should have the power to spy on it's own citizens.

    The mass collection of data on the civilian population is a clear and obvious breach of privacy. The only people the government should be allowed to keep tabs on are those suspected of having committed a crime, and even then it has to be with a warrant.
    The government should be nothing more than the representatives of the peoples opinion, not a ruling class which decides what's acceptable and what isn't.

  • This is against privacy.

    Though there is a need to strengthen national security, it will cause the problem of privacy issues. People do have the basic human rights to protect their own information and personal details. If the UK is collecting and creating such a database and holding the citizen's information, this is definitely violating the human rights of having privacy. There is always another way to work things out. Instead of trading people's privacy for the sake of national security, the UK government should think of another means to achieve the same goal.

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