• Yes we need that

    Im tired of our police force being boring and weak,it makes everyone commit crimes,if our police had guns they could shoot and kill pesky shoplifters which is what i think could make this country great again
    arm police or bring back the death penalty
    i would love to see an execution in the high street and our police could provide that, it would be fun for all the family

  • I say yes because it would help them maintain law and order.

    I think that the United Kingdom could very much gain from having a police force that is more aggressive and overall more willing to do what needs to be done to maintain law and order. The riots in London a few years ago show that more could be done by the police.

  • Where would it stop?

    I don't believe that a more aggressive police force would solve the rising crime problem in the United Kingdom. I think a better trained police staff would be far more useful. But considering collective origin of the documents that give citizens in England their protections and rights, I doubt many would feel more comfortable with anything even slightly resembling a police state. Maybe a small increase of visible police officers in larger cities like London would "scare off" a lot of street level crime. But more aggressive tactics are a short term (and sighted) solution to a long term and much more complex societal issue.

  • The UK Does Not Need a More Aggressive Police Force

    The police force in the United Kingdom, or anywhere else for that matter, does not need to apply more aggressive tactics in the name of improved law enforcement. All law enforcement divisions, regardless of their level, need to do their jobs within the confines provided by the law. They are in place to uphold the law, so why should they not be held to the same set of criteria, especially when it comes to aggression. Allow law enforcement the freedom to increase their level of aggression, and we’ll soon have something akin to the infamous Gestapo!

  • No, the UK does not need a more aggressive police force.

    I don't think that the United Kingdom really has anything to gain by going with a police force that is more aggressive. They do just fine as is with a police force that is more gentle and still gets the job done in a proper and effective manner for all citizens.

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