Does the UK public take football too seriously?

Asked by: knight.j
  • But that's today's generation

    Which is stupid
    I will argue that the British generation of the old days was more vicious and racist, and many of them were troops in the British Empire. The dumb thing that people say is "only the elite did it." That's like the dumbest statement anyone can make. More conspiracy theories.

  • Some of the things that happen in the UK due to football is stupid and immature.

    The UK does take football too seriously. They take it so seriously in fact that they riot after matches. For example, in April 2013 29 people had to be arrested after rioting after a football match, all because some other people supported another team. People have died because of a sport, and yes it does happen in other parts of the world, but the UK does stand out for it.

  • We take it the same way America takes American football

    Just because football is the main sport in the UK does not mean that we take it too seriously. Because fans are passionate about and get really upset when they loose does not mean we are a y different to sports in Spain Italy and america. We don't take it too seriously.

  • Football is a sport which people are allowed to enjoy.Most people do not take it seriously.

    People work hard for a living and need recreation.A lot of people choose watching sport which is quite often football.A lot of people enjoy the game and it is a good source of fellowship in bars and at a lot of offices.I know it can be boring for non football fans but as a football fan I recognise this and treat it just as it is- a game for people to enjoy in their recreational time.

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