Does the United Nation really do what they claim to?

Asked by: Awadh92
  • No it Doesn't

    The United Nations does not do what it originally intended to do. Today, it is more a wealth transfer organization than it is an organization to promote peace. As evidenced by the multiple wars and genocides occurring throughout the world, the United Nations is not succeeding in securing a peaceful planet.

  • The UNO has succeeded?? Not in my WILDEST Dreams

    U.N.O.- the UNITED nations organization...
    ONE SIMPLE QUESTION-where are the UNITED nations??
    Is this supposed to be ironical?? How can we say that the Uno has helped to establish world peace?
    When it has not even been able to keep the nations united, how can we say that it has helped keep world peace!! That would be a ludicrous argument...

  • Is this real?

    Seems all the UN does is try to find another country to bomb and give a platform to some dictator who is overthrown by his people and killed in the streets a week later. The united nations, is, was, and always has been a joke and is just an attempt by ghey lovers to force Americans to accept communism the same way they force people to do everything that keeps you from being labeled a racist. Saul Aulinsky finally has an America he can be proud of.

  • No. The UN has done nothing for the good

    The UN has failed at the very basics at what the world set them up for. They were supposed to suppress war, but they couldn't stop the US invasion of Iraq, the Iraq vs. Iran war, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon war, nor can they end the massive civil wars in Africa. They were elected to stop massive polluting, but now members of the UN are saying that "China is the most effective way to combat global warming". CHINA IS THE WORST when it comes to polluting. They can't enforce their own laws, because they have no military power to carry them out. They are funded by failing countries in Europe, but we fund them most of all. The UN is a waste of US tax dollars, and a waste of time. Private industry seems to be doing the best in terms of financial aid, and business.

  • They are extremely one sided

    It is not a fair body. They are mere puppets of the western world. They allowed the US and the UK to invade Iraq because there were 'weapons of mass destruction'. Those weapons were never found. Sanctions were not placed against them? But North Korea who has not harmed any other people other than Koreans (even that, mostly the North Koreans not the Southerners) but they get sanctions? UN is ridiculous at this point. UN invaded North Korea and the US even used chemical weapons there. What was done about that?
    The HQ of the UN is in New York City. I think that pretty much makes the western bias obvious. The UN does little in stopping the Syrian Civil war. They do little about fighting in the Central African Republic. After the turn of the millenium, they completely ignored the Kashmir dispute.

  • No, it is an ineffecive body

    The United Nations is not even able to collect it's fees from it's own members effectively. How can a body that can't even regulate itself be expected to have a global impact? The most the United Nations will do to a country is place economic sanctions on it. They generally cannot even come to an agreement on how to handle various situations.

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