Does the United Nations get too involved in the affairs of other nations sometimes?

Asked by: donald.keller
  • Sometimes, they do.

    The United Nations is made up of many nations from many places and many different cultures. They often try to get very involved in other nation's affairs. While this is good sometimes, not often. Many times, you have a council of many foreign people voting on things for a nation or culture they know little about. Many times, they only people who knows what's best for a nation is that nation's people.

    The United Nations also get very involved in a nation's affairs against that nation's wishes. Gun Control is in example. Deciding on laws and Gun Control for a nation who's people doesn't want Gun Control. In most cases, the only people who should be voting on a Nation's laws and issues is that nation's own people, not foreigners.

  • Look around you

    Look around you everyday on the news you hear about all of the mindless and sensesless crimes that happen to men, women, and childern that have done nothing wrong to anyone and have been shoot down just walking down the streets. The place where we are exposed to feel safe .These people say that they only want what is best for their county. So i guess murder of the inasent is what is best as long as it stays away from their front door.

  • They should get more involved.

    The UN was created to protect human rights across the globe. I think the current UN is not pressuring governments enough into protecting it's citizen's rights. If anything, the UN should try to take a more global approach to pressure governments to protect it's citizens and preserve their basic human rights.

  • It can't because it has so little power.

    The United Nations only revolves around a select group of countries. These countries care mainly for themselves, and as a result the UN is ineffective and disbanded. No powerful country will willingly sacrifice goods, military, and time to provide for another unless they obtain profit in the future. The remaining countries have little to no military, and can't possibly send troops around the world without assistance from the U.S. Or other major world powers. UN reprimanded North Korea, but it still continues to survive through the aid of China, another world power.

  • No of course not

    The U.N. Was formed so that it could get involved in affairs and help them get settled not just for show and tell. If you say yes then you have no idea what the U.N. Is for and yes it also is used to prevent another world war so once again I say no.

  • It has no power

    If the United Nations had any actual power of any kind it might be a bit too powerful. But it can't make laws. It is not a supergovernment. It is like the easiest way to handle foreign relations. Also it allows other countries to let their ideas be heard. You can't tell other countries what to do. You can make suggestions, and in some cases threaten. However that has always been a part of governments. This is just more convinient.

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