Does the United States, as a whole, still have a problem with racism?

  • The fact that people who disagree use the word "minorities" is a prime example.

    "Minorities" is an incorrect term assigned to races other than white who are in fact part of a majority. African Americas, Asians, Hispanics, all of those races are a large percentage of U.S. Population. We are called "minorities" because we are seen as less than. We can be just as qualified for jobs/positions or even more qualified than a white person and still lose the position to them because of our race.

  • The Government Needs to Put his Pants on

    They try to establish the "End of Racial Profiling Act 2011 and they cannot do it because to many issue is surround it, especially, the white's...enough is enough. It is time to cut that racism, citizens need the same peace the white people had. However, we are USA citizens I have the right to decide, I believe there to many what you my calling 'WHITE PEOPLE' I wonder who in USA are pure AMERICAN.

  • It may not be all over the U. S. but it is very NOTICABLE

    I am a female live in Las Vegas, NV ..... one of the biggest tourist places in the U. S., where all different walks of life hit the same spot at least 1000 times a day and ...... Las Vegas has places where people (all different walks of life) are not wanted, where there is confrontation when one person goes into a neighborhood and can be assaulted (for instance, a black 16 yr. old kid is trying to go home and was waiting at a bus stop in a Mexican neighborhood. The end of this story: He was killed by 2 guys who "felt" that he shouldn't be there at 8pm).

  • Just look up the case of Emmett Till, that will tell you.....

    A black 14 year old boy, called Emmett Till was murdered for whistling at a girl in a sweetshop, he was murdered by two older men Rob Bryant and J.W Milam, he was brutally murdered. (some viewers may find this part disturbing) One of his eyes were gouged out, he was then shot in the head and tied to a cotton-gin fan with barbed wire, into the river.

  • A few examples of racism in the United States

    School Finance: Millions of African American and Latino young people in the United States don’t get an education equal to that of most whites, partly because the urban schools they go to don’t have as much money as the schools in the white suburbs. This is because the country has decided that much of the money for schools should come from local property taxes. So in communities where the houses and businesses are less expensive, the schools don’t get enough money to provide a high quality education. This is unfair. This is institutional racism. If we financed schools differently every student, regardless of his or her "race", could go to a high quality school that was the equal of the schools other students attend.

    * * *

    Wealth Created During Slavery: From the 1600’s to 1863 slave labor by African Americans created a tremendous amount of wealth in the United States. This wealth was all taken by white people. When slavery was ended, the wealth that the former slaves had created was not shared with them. The effects of this continue today because whites have been able to pass wealth down from generation to generation through inheritance. In addition, discrimination in jobs has continued to limit access to wealth for many people of color. So white people as a whole are still wealthier today than people of color because of the wealth whites took from the labor of slaves.
    Taken from http://www.Anti-racismonline.Org/html%20pages/Examples%20of%20Racism1.Html

  • AmeriKKKa is a racist country

    As a younger Black woman, I believe that America is one of the most racist countries in the world. America has a huge problem with race and White Americans still benefit from racism and it's merits. Black people still aren't on the same economic, political or social levels as their White counterparts and institutionalized racism is one of the reasons for that. America was founded by racist, heterosexual slave owners who wanted to break free away from Great Britain but maintain White supremacy in their new nation they were going to form. So they insisted that Blacks are 3/5th human and thus they aren't considered citizens. Then on, Blacks in this country suffered slavery, racism, Jim Crow laws, segregation desegregation and now the more subtle sort of racism right now. Whites cover their racism these days. This country was founded on racism. It will take centuries to get racism out of this society for good.

  • It's all over the place.

    A couple years back there was an elder man in Texas who claimed to have shot two black men breaking into his neighbor's home. The gun laws clearly state you can shoot someone if you're in danger and have no other option to defend yourself or the person is in your yard or in the versinity of your home. That then points to the Trayvon Martin situ

  • Racism in America

    The average black person compared to the average white person in America circa 2010:

    is twice as likely to be out of work;
    needs two more years of education to make the same money;
    has four cents for every dollar a white person has;
    dies four years sooner;
    is six times more likely to be in prison.

  • In whole, yes

    It is within a human nature to 'judge a book by it cover' only until we open it will we have a real opinion about it. Only till Jesus comes back, will we truly not have racism as a problem; though we can try to start that process right now.

  • Racism still exists in the United States

    Living in the city of Minneapolis far from portions of the country that officially had slavery I see racism live and breath... The city is very diverse in a state that is approx 98 percent white... With white people representing approx 65 percent of the city I can see that much of the crime, poverty, and prejudice is pushed almost exclusively on the Black ghettos in the city. Unemployment is much higher, and education is much lower in the African American portions of the city... People may not say they are racist but any idiot can see that people are. There is a cold judgmentalism clearly presence when people have to interact much less live next to people of other races. This is especially true with African Americans. Much of this is cultural, but there is also a elitist attitude with many of the white people in the city... A very cold exclusiveness that bars people from good jobs, and nicer areas of the city.. It can be very difficult for people to leave ghetto areas once you are there and you seem like you belong there... This is exactly how the powers that be want it in order maintain control and reinforce their power.

  • Are you all insane?

    Look to the Whitehouse, what do you see. If racism was a problem I don't think we would have elected a black President.

  • I do not feel the United States has a problem with racism because we operate under the motto, "do unto others."

    The United States will only be against another country or a group of people if they have threatened or attacked us first. All people are created equal and the United States upholds those morals and values no matter what. We treat people in such a manner that we would want to be treated.

    Posted by: TabooReyes
  • I do not believe racism is still a problem, because the American public has moved on since the mid-20th century.

    Although racist remarks still exist, there is an overall wider sense of equality throughout the races that has never existed before. People are not perfect, and racism will never entirely be wiped out. But, there has been a significant improvement in people's attitudes towards various races. This is further shown by the American public willingness to vote for minority political candidates.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • Don't Judge me.

    Don't judge a man by the color of his skin, but judge him by the content of his character. All men are created equal in the eyes of GOD... Does the united states, as a whole, still have a problem with racism? YES. Even our president could point this out.

  • No, I was raised to treat people equally and with a Christian attitude

    I was never taught racism growing up and I was born in the 60's. My parents and teachers taught us to treat others as we would want to be treated. We were taught God loves all. My family had no reason to be racist. There were no problems with minorities of any type. There were Black, Hispanic and Asian at my school. They were all my friends. I didn't realize the difference until I was much older and someone pointed it out to me. Dumb. People are people, like or dislike for who they are, not what someone tells you they are.

  • Denial isn't progress

    No matter what their lips are saying; America is still a very racist country. Look around you and this reminds me of Pre-Civil rights days in America. Intolerance, arrogance and disenfranchised groups continue to be taken for grant without any representation. (e.g. Walmart). America needs to clean up its own house and stop trying to take its 'racists' attitudes around the world. Calling it 'democracy'!

  • Freedom is earned not granted

    Freedom is not about being given a fair shake in life, rather its about creating your own favorable circumstances! Racism is a billion dollar a year industry and there is a vested interest in keeping it alive. We are being told that racism exists by minority groups which have the most to gain by racism survival...Since everyone seems to think that it is the White person solely racist then ask the white individual about racism. In other words expose the race of the voters in this poll and see what races are voting yes and which are voting no...People need a crutch I guess?

  • The falsehood that keeps minorities down and the elite in power.

    I would like to see some hard evidence that the fact that more white people are higher up on the economic ladder is a true sign of racism today. There is no doubt that there are still racists- and that is true of all races, not just whites- but it is a minority of people. Slavery did exist and no doubt injured many souls, but it is time to move on. We cannot move on if every little thing someone says or does is interpreted as racist. There are those who have turned race into an industry and who have made a lot of money and gained a lot of power through shouting "RACISM!" at every corner. Doing so keeps them relevant and ensures a paycheck. There is the false notion that minorities cannot get ahead in society because the "system" is set up against them. Those who have this belief will talk a lot about vague notions such as "social justice" that offer no solutions to anything other than redistributing wealth. Many people are duped by this philosophy and minorities are fed the lie that they need to wait for government to fix the problem. In reality, there are many successful minorities, but they run the risk of being labeled "inauthentically black," whatever that means. In my opinion, that is about the most racist thing one can say. Is the message that real black people cannot be ultra-successful on their own merits? What defines "blackness"? Does it mean poverty? Is success only acceptable for a black person if they hold to a specific ideology? I reject all of that. Successful minorities should be praised for their accomplishments and considered role models of the type of behavior that leads to prosperity, inasmuch as it is honest, moral, and praiseworthy. To lower expectations of minorities for themselves by constantly repeating that odds are stacked against them is self-defeating for those who claim to want to see progress. Though I believe most people who perceive racism as a problem are sincere in their concern, there are those in power who greatly benefit from a racially divided America. Thus, they will do all they can to ensure it remains an issue.

  • No there's not

    Just because one makes a mistake or one is wrongly accused by another individual that is not the big picture the big picture is the entire nation and as nation we work together to achieve peace and prosperity and that time has come. In America I look all over and I see people of all different races and religions helping fix the problems of today.

  • It's reverse psychology

    Racism against African American's is portrayed as the big problem even though they themselves are the one's who insist on continuously categorizing people based on race. As a college freshman with a near 4.0 GPA, I applied for more scholarships than I can count and won a disheartening amount, where as my friend who is a "minority" graduated with a 2.3 GPA and won a full ride scholarship because of his heritage without even so much as writing an essay.

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-29T06:21:19.463
One of our time's most talented and successful actors had to create a stage name in order to get the respect he deserved, and even to be considered for a gig. By looking at him (and his sons) you would think he was a good ole white American [Irishman]. By simply changing his name from one of Hispanic origin to one that sounds more Anglican, he changed the path of his career from a pool stagnation to an uphill flowing river. He was given the name Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez is now better known as Martin Sheen. Now, the question is: Would Ramon have been given all the jobs given to Martin? Maybe, but probably not. More importantly: Would a more Hispanic looking and darker skinned Martin Sheen been even looked at for those parts? Most probably not. This is white privilege. A (generally) white sounding name and a white looking guy getting particular consideration because of his Anglican name and more caucasian appearance. (Other similar name changes: Rita Hayworth, Vanna White, Bruno Mars, Raquel Welch, Joanna Kerns)
Anonymous says2013-07-23T05:02:30.410
I'm a black women and I didn't vote for Obama matter of fact I never voted! Because I believe GOD law's are higher then any government or politics laws'. So just because we have a black president many other races' of people voted for him not just black people. And racism come's from more whites then black it's in their bloodline from their generation, roots of slavery. We as black people are judged every day just by the color of our skin. That's why Trayvon was killed because he was black and wearing a hoodie. Well guess what the KKK clan wore hoodies and no one harm them?
Quan says2013-08-30T16:11:17.290
There are still a few racists out there. But most of the racism nowadays is in the form of affirmative action and being generally overprotective of minorities.
treepolitik says2014-02-21T12:18:39.307
Quan, you have the resources to say that. Everyone is like you, when you want something, or everyone is not like you, when you want to feel like you deserve it and someone else doesn't. When a white person is speaking, they assume that everyone knows that racism refers to racism against white people. White people typically decide what is racist for all groups, which is really a way to redefine any callout of racism that is non beneficial to whites as racist against the race in question. It is as if only white experts are real experts, but somehow only black criminals are actually criminals. All beneficial labels somehow seem to benefit whites. Husband or neighborhood watchman or cop label suddenly makes a white person not capable of crime. But it is also my experience that whites are what would be called racist against their own people(self determinism, but common good, but god punishes randomly), so it is not a culture of racism so much we are up against, but double standards of dominance and vulnerability, which women of any color or salary will likely understand. This is why republicans cannot stand women in political power who don't conform to the traditional honor shame purity code(victim pedestal, special treatment euphemism, beauty disability, etc). Hillary has 90 percent of the country's vote, according to a recent poll, and I think that even the koch brothers with their million dollar marketing psychologists can't beat that. I think a lot of the non wealthy millenials don't have internet, and I'm guessing that you, quan, are a poor working class southern white posing as an Asian, and that you are jealous because you think they stop your kids from getting into college or a salaried desk job. If you are really Asian, you likely are not a millennial and believe you worked hard. If you are a millennial, I'm guessing you live in california or new jersey because you bash affirmative action as if you don't need it. It is upon your honor to be a conservative legalist to please the elites and elders, but if you were a socialist advocating for blacks and hispanics in a red state, it would be upon everyone's honor to shame you to please the poor whites who own the newspapers and rural construction businesses.