Does the United States have a duty to fight for freedom in other countries?

  • America has a duty.

    Think of the world as a puzzle, America is the majority of the puzzle built. You must base everything of of it. America May not be the best country but those countries worse of than us need an opportunity to become like us. I believe every person, who has not shown a reason not to be trusted, should be allowed to decide whether they want freedom or not. And anyone who tries to stop that should be handled with in any means necessary . When you think about it debt is only a number, no country would dare ask to be paid back imeaditally because they world would fall in a financial crisis.

  • The United States should fight for freedom in other countries.

    As the world's most prosperous democracy they have a certain responsibility to fight for freedom in other countries.Other people in other countries would love to have the freedom that is available in the United States so they should have the same opportunities in their own countries that they come from.

  • YES! Think of Future happenings

    The United States is a strong power and should have a duty to help other neighboring countries. This would spread peace and would also increase public relations so if a war was to happen in the United states, those countries that would be helped would most likely return the favor to the United States.

  • A step towards world peace

    If the United States stepped in and fought to help another country gain freedom it allows they world to be that much more united and together. You always hear people talking about wanting world peace, so if one country has freedoms (that they partially owe to the U.S.) then they would have that owed to us and would be closer with us and our ally's. Bringing us more together.

  • Freedom for everyone

    We as the United States have freedom because we fought for our freedom. We need to be able to help others in their fight for freedom. Many countries are in a type of bondage and we as the United States need to help these countries out of their bondage problems.

  • Yes! Somebody has to.

    As the last remaining superpower and advocate for democracy the US does its best to fight for freedom. But is it right for one nation to meddle within another? Yes, because nobody else will so someone needs to stand up and take control of things. Are people really putting a price on the safety of others? So what if it raises debt we are protecting the world from terrorists, dictators, and extremists who seek to harm the world and people get mad because we are 'overstepping our bounds.' In recent developments Syria has just killed its own people and were just supposed to say who cares, its not my country. It makes me furious that people can be so stupid and single minded. So America keep doing what your doing and protect the world even though people would rather see it burn.

  • Due to its nature and superpower role.

    America is leading the world in many ways. It has its own imbibed constitution which enshrines freedom to all citizens. As a world leader it has its responsibility to make sure that every citizen of this earth is free in the true spirit of the words. It can take any course to implement its responsibility

  • Yes, if asked

    I belive that if a majority of a countrys citizens ask the United States for help in fighting for their freedom, then yes we should help. It wasnt to long ago that we was a group of mistreated citizens that were fighting for our freedom. We asked for help and the French assisted us in gaining our Freedom.

  • Yes, they have a good purpose.

    The freedom of a country is imperative to freedom of a world. It would improve national relations, make sure that super-radical elements do not come into power, and would be viable with our (mostly) superior military. No country likes oppresion, and saying they do not deserve our help because they are not us is a foolish statement.

  • People need to start fighting for their rights.

    America's independence was created when a group of people decided they weren't going to live in tyranny. So they acquired weapons and waged war against the British EMPIRE, not some 3rd world unorganized radical group. Why can't all these people do the same, if farmers and other everyday people can pick up weapons and waged war against a country that at it's time had the greatest military in the world, why can't these people also do that. The problem is people want freedom but are not willing to pay the price for their future generations. My family has sacrificed to ensure that my family has right to freedom.

  • Democracy is already a bad system, don't spread it.

    Democracy is the WORST system of governance. It doesn't provide stability for the country which it is in. It often results is sharp economic decline when put in place. Democracy's very nature suppresses minorities. A Dictatorship does better is all the above regards( well sometimes not the minority part).

    With all this in mind, the US should never spread the ideals of democracy anywhere and should be working to get rid of that system itself in the US.

  • Democracy is already a bad system, don't spread it.

    Democracy is the WORST system of governance. It doesn't provide stability for the country which it is in. It often results is sharp economic decline when put in place. Democracy's very nature suppresses minorities. A Dictatorship does better is all the above regards( well sometimes not the minority part).

    With all this in mind, the US should never spread the ideals of democracy anywhere and should be working to get rid of that system itself in the US.

  • Our countries Internal issues

    Why do people say "our soldiers are fighting for freedom"? What freedom? Were not at war with anybody, we don't have a dictator.
    Yet were quick to send young men to go fight to foreign countries to loose there lives,or become handicapped. Then return home to a country were the government doesn't care for them.
    But we are fighting for freedom? FROM WHAT?

  • Hell fucking no.

    The United States of America has too many problems in its own country to play the world police, which, seeing our numerous interventions in the Middle East, hasn't gone well in the slightest. We have massive corporations and banks corrupting politicians and screwing small businesses, one of the worst healthcare systems in the world, abusive police forces, and more. We have shit military tactics anyways. We don't use our special forces enough, drones target the wrong people, cruise missiles are used enough, we bomb the wrong places, the Central Intelligence Agency uses ineffective methods like torture, and the National Security Agency is dicking around with U.S citizens instead of actual terrorists.

  • War is for Fools

    I have been in the US MIlitary for over 13 years, fought in over 3 wars now. Been on multiple deployments. War in this modern age is for the fools of all fools. Death and destruction is not the answer if we are to progress and move forward as a civilized nation in this modern age. I do not get it how murderers are sent to death row in our country and yet if a war is declared it is okay to murder many without a second thought into the matter. Society is totally deranged if they think that killing another human being without fair trial is acceptable for any reason. War seems to be the cave man exception to the rule, always, and it is wrong. How can we call ourselves civilized or modern or advanced if we keep doing these sort of things? We have become a nation of pure evil and spite and hatefulness towards others and it is wrong. Yes, you can't allow other evil to destroy others but what we are doing now is evil and wrong in so many ways. We need to try and use communications with others to work things out for the best and try and get along. Just for once TRY and get along without another stupid needless war.

  • We Are Not The Fodder of Fools

    I've been in the US Military for well over 13 years. Been in 3 wars. Multiple deployments. One which destroyed my marriage. War is not the answer in a supposed civilized society. War, especially on a minor nation's part, fought by a major nation's part, is feeding bodies into the fire needlessly. We don't need to be sending our men and women in our armed services to die off to perish in war to make a political point anymore in this modern age. We are cranking out veterans with PTSD that can no longer function easily in society afterwards. We are putting our nation into debt. We are making ourselves look like the bullies of the world by doing these things. We are not helping the cause of progression at all by engaging in war so needlessly. Remote strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles, sure, if it comes to that, but troops on the ground is unthinkable in this modern age. Death of our own is totally unthinkable if we are to be a modern and truly civilized culture. War should be a thing totally of the past. Let the uncivilized bullies fight it out for themselves and learn their lesson like we have (or should have by now). We do not need this constant distraction in the modern age. War is for only the fools of history that did not learn that if you don't learn the lessons of history that you are doomed to repeat history's mistakes always.

  • Help our Country first.

    I think its interesting other countries sit back and expect us to fight everyones battles risking our troops and costing us Millions of dollars. There are many other counties in the world with a strong military and resources as well. US has plenty of tragedies here that need to be resolved before running to others aid.

  • America needs to fix itself first.

    America as of now reminds me of bad parents, telling other parents how to be parents. You can't take care of your own people, yet you think you can take care of others? I mean seriously, look how hypocritical that is, let along it is embarrassing. We need money and jobs, not foreign rights.

  • I don't think we should fight in the other countries "to make them free"

    Why should we make them "free" when we cant even stand being around each other? We are not even the most free country on planet earth. So why spread our not so much freedom with their not free country. I think we need to straighten ourselves up before we help others. Its like a butterfly with a broken wing trying to help a butterfly that is dying. We cant even lift our self.

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