• The United States has an abysmal human rights record.

    There are endless history books that prove the United States has an abysmal human rights record. From the time Columbus set foot on American soil and mass-murdered Native Americans, America has been known for treating humans poorly. A prime example of this has always been slavery. Native Americans were used as slaves, Africans being shipped here to be used as slaves, and women have always been treated as a lesser being than men. Even today, there are many ways the US has violated human rights and continues to do so.

  • Yes, the United States has an abysmal record on human rights.

    Yes, the United States has an abysmal human rights record. With the country's history of slavery, its excessive incarceration rates and its long prison sentences, the U.S. ranks along with some of the most repressive nations in the world. It is also known for its reliance on the death penalty and the oppressive tactics used by its law enforcement agencies.

  • Humanity as a whole has an abysmal human rights record.

    The US has terribly mistreated other races in the past, especially African-Americans and Native Americans. We white Americans have historically had a nasty tendency to think of ourselves as superior to anyone who's different. But we've made great strides in tolerance and understanding in the last 50 years. Our work isn't done yet, but we've certainly made progress. It is, however, misplaced to cast America as the big bad villain. Too many people in this country hold protests over hurt feelings while overlooking -- or being entirely unaware of -- the egregious human rights abuses still committed around the world today. Not that we should ignore the lingering problems here, but we need to learn from the evils of our history and call attention to the mistreatment of racial minorities, religious minorities, and women throughout the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Frankly, I Believe We Do

    Since the very early beginnings of our country, human rights have never really been greatly preserved. Foreigners migrating here killed thousands of Native Americans out of lust for the land, greed, and fear. Our track record has not been great since then. Unfortunately, many people like to point out that other countries have done--and continue to do--worse, but pointing fingers does nothing to free us from blame. Whether it's the Japanese imprisonment camps or any of the other atrocities we've allowed in our own country, the government and our society as a whole must not deny fault. We must make it right for our future.

  • No, the United States does not have an abysmal human rights record.

    The United States does not have an abysmal human rights record. It is absurd to even consider this. The United States goes to great expense to care for the poor and disabled. One is much better off as a poor person in America then most people are living in third-word countries. Countries like China have abysmal human rights records, but not the United States.

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