Does the United States' history of domestic terrorism warrant the current intrusiveness of the NSA?

  • Yes, the USA's history of domestic terrorism warrants the NSA.

    I think that the United States of America's history of domestic terrorism warrants the current intrusiveness of the NSA. As much as some people may not like the NSA, their tactics and policies do have some place in todays society. I think a lot of the practices will help to keep people safe.

  • No, warrantless wiretapping is legally wrong.

    American wiretapping is not legally right and is morally wrong such a massive illegal dragnet surveillance of domestic communications and communications records of millions of ordinary Americans has been unprecedented in American history. The program should be to intercept al Qaeda communications overseas and fulfill its original reason of creation.

  • No, the NSA has no right to spy on the entire populace.

    Just because we have suffered from domestic terrorism doesn't mean the NSA should spy on the entire country. We also have child abuse, but we don't allow CPS to come busting into every one's homes and do spot checks. The NSA is punishing millions of innocent Americans for the crimes of a small minority.

  • Terrorism is not a justification for loss of privacy

    Since before 9/11, the United States government has taken steps to intrude more and more into the private lives of its citizens. While 9/11 is often cited as the catalyst, the truth is that many of these programs like the NSA began expanding in the years prior to the attack. Since then, the NSA has grown so invasive that it is now expected, and even accepted by some, that the government knows every piece of information you send or look at. That is completely unacceptable. Privacy should be a basic right enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, all of this increased intrusion hasn't even began to stop terrorist attacks in this country or across the globe when there are events like the Boston Marathon bombing which the government had droves of information on but did nothing to prevent.

  • A rare occasion

    The one thing we should have as Americans is a right to our own personal privacy, and the NSA has been using our new digitized society to use it against us and take away these rights under the guise of national security, when in fact domestic terror threats are few and far between.

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