Does the United States need immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for unauthorized workers already here?

  • Modern Holocaust Scenario

    How do we know that a non-publicized event similar to the holocaust isn't happening in another country today? If we were in 1942, would we really be having this problem carding and asking every fleeing Jew for proof of citizenship? Would we be deporting them back to Germany? We wouldn't, would we?

  • Individually analyze dreamers and immigrants instead

    If the Unites States can go through 150 million tax forms per year, why can't it check the 1.8 million illegal immigrants to see if they are beneficial. I mean like if they had committed a crime, have an education, are on welfare, believe in USA values, and others. Deport the criminals and drug traffickers and keep the hard workers and students.

  • No, it does not.

    The United States needs to be more strict on getting rid of the illegal immigrants because a good amount of them are trafficing drugs and other harmful things, but it should be easier to become a citizen especially for those in a country who is at war or in a bad environment.

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