• There could never be enough museums in the United States, we could always use more!

    I believe that museums are a vital part of our country's culture, history, present, and future. They are testaments to everything that makes us who we are as a country, from the Smithsonian, to the Museum of Music History in Baltimore. I think the establishment of additional musuems would be a wonderful decision for the U.S.

  • Not official ones

    I think the problem with museums is that they attempt to compartmentalize history. What's the best way to learn history if not visiting the places where the events occurred? By taking important aspects of American history and culture and cramming them into one building, it undersells the importance of the events by removing them from their proper context.

  • The US has lots of museums already.

    The United States of America has a large number of museums and areas of cultural preservation when compared with similar industrialised countries. These museums cover a large range of topics from local history, to national history to niche and eccentric interests. While there may be an argument to be made that some areas of history are neglected in representation, this is problem of quality rather than quantity.

  • I Think We Have Enough

    I think the US already has a lot of museums. Many of our museums are small, or are just not well known or publicized. I think Americans should discover and utilize the museums that already exist. It would be a good way to explore some smaller cities and towns that you might never visit otherwise.

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