• The United States needs more banking regulations

    I believe that United States of America needs more banking regulations. I believe this because having more regulations on banks helps keep them in check. People trust them with thier hard earned money so I believe that the more regulations they put on banks the better. They can also help protect banks from getting ripped off by making sure people use them responsibly.

  • Banks will screw things up if we let them.

    As with the housing bubble, we have seen time and time again that Banks will risk absolutely everything, to include national economic stability, in order to make a profit. They use your money to invest, and still charge ATM fees and monthly service charges. How is that justified? Without more regulation, banks will continue to misuse American dollars in order to line their pockets with complete disregard for morality. The government must be their morality.

  • The US dose need more banking regualtion.

    If the crisis of 2008 taught us anything is that we should always have an eye of the banks. Obviously too much regulation hinders capitalism but i do think that to a certain extent the banks have to be regulated so that they won't repeat the mistakes they made in the past that nearly bankrupt us all.

  • More if any

    There is not a lot wrong with the banking system as it is today, and it is a pretty solid system, but if anything I would say that we need more regulations. Maybe more security regulations to make sure that people do not get their money stolen from them at all.

  • USA needs more banking regulations.

    Banking in the United States is big business. Very big business. And it shouldn't be. Having somewhere to securely hold your money should not lead to people getting rich. The system is completely rigged and in support of the bank officials, not the people who used andneed these banks. It's a disgrace.

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