Does the United States need to offer assistance in fighting cyber-crimes in France?

  • Of course we should

    France was the first real ally the US ever had. They helped in the revolution and have been a great business partner (the Louisiana Purchase comes to mind). They are a strong democracy and a well respected member of the UN, EU, and NATO.

    Helping our allies (even if they don't really need it) is one of the best ways to increase our standing in global politics, public opinion, and with trade relations. Foreign relations does have an impact on the US (even if some Americans think we can just wall off our boarders and still be fine). America will benefit from helping France.

  • We need to SAVE FRANCE!

    We need to help France, as it seems as they can't do it themselves. We also should do it because of how they have helped us in the past. France is one of our oldest allies for a reason. It would be horrible if we lost this bond of something that we could have helped them with! We need to SAVE FRANCE!

  • Yes WE DO!

    France is usually a whimp in there fights, but in this case they are actually trying and they need our help! To bad Mr. Obama wont help because hes afraid that itll make him look like a bad president. GUESS WHAT MR. OBAMA, you already make yourself look bad. HELP FRANCE

  • Our country doesn't need to, but it wants to

    This is a constant problem our country is facing.,. We always like to feel that we're involved with everything. Wars, conflicts, disasters, etc. Our country always feels like it needs to barge in and act as big brother helping little brother, yet other surrounding countries closer to France are also capable of providing the same level of assistance. We have enough problems to worry about on our home soil. Let France take care of its own problems. If things continue to escalate, then I would say step in, or wait until they ask for it.

    Posted by: S.K
  • The United States is in a war with itself

    No matter how hard the United States tries, we always end up helping other countries instead of focusing on themselves. With this, the United States has wasted thousands of brave soldiers, throwing them of a battle field or in the middle of a riot because they try to keep their alliances and try to be the superman of earth. The amount of wars they get into for no reason, *cough cough* Bush *cough cough*, has already cost them damage that they have yet fixed. The United States needs to fix their own problems first before getting into more drama.

  • The United States has enough problems...

    We already saved the French in World War I and World War II. Will this never end? What do we need to do next - annex their country? No, we don't have the budget to fight ever battle and war all over the world. It is time to abandon the role of world cop and take care of home.

  • France is more than capable of handling cyber-crimes and does not need the meddling force of the USA to help.

    Suggesting France needs the USA's help in fighting cyber-crime is condescending to the French and belittles the sophistication of the French security forces, including their cyber-crime divisions of the Gendarmerie Nationale. With the USA being caught time and agai spying on its allies and friends, France would do well to conduct the cyber-crime fights on its own, and without the aid of the USA.

  • No, most nations are prepared for this.

    France is not a third world nation, they are a major economic power that has a large percentage of their population that is computer literate. They are aware that cyber crimes/warfare is a new concern for law enforcement and national security issues and are prepared to handle these matters without outside help. As a matter of international cooperation nations will offer other nations help in dealing with international crime/security issues if requested and France and the US do that regularly.

  • Cyber crimes are not their problem

    No, the United States does not need to offer assistance in fighting cyber crimes in France, because France has a much bigger problem with terrorism. There have been two very serious hostage situations in Paris just in the past month. The first of those incidents was terrorism. France should focus on violence and think about cyber crimes after that.

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