• Gun Laws need to be Tougher

    The US has a ridiculous amount of crime and violence amongst its citizens that involves guns. Gun laws need to be tougher to prevent senseless tragedies that occur when someone gets a gun without proper screening. Too many mass killings have happened with weapons that should not be sold to just anyone.

  • United States Gun Laws

    The United States does need tougher gun laws. Their are just too many people dying by guns for no reason. When children are dying for nonsense by guns it's time to re evaluate the gun laws. Every city needs to come together and pray for things to change in the world.

  • We Do Need Tougher Gun Laws

    I realize that many would say that we have a right to bear arms it's in the constitution. Yes, but how old is the constitution, lets face it when it was drafted there was no such things as UZI's. To me it's find if a person wants to own a standard hand gun or rifle provided they are responsible enough to keep it locked up out of reach of kids. But machine guns should not be accessible to the general public, but only used by military or special ops personnel. There is zero reason for the general public to need one of these.

  • Yes US does need tougher gun laws

    Guns can be hazardous if not used appropriately. It can be dangerous if it comes within the reach of a kid. It can be misused by the licence holder. Emergency may mean anything and during emergency one can find alternative means of defence.US does need tougher gun laws to save themselves from unwanted issues.

  • No, not in this context.

    Firstly, I acknowledge that there are too many Gun crimes in the United States, there should be much much harsher punishments for committing a crime with a Gun or illegal possession of one.

    Secondly, the age of the constitution has nothing to do with the rights it guarantees the citizens of this Country. And if anything in the constitution could be taken out...Then everything could be taken out...Remember that next time you consider the U.S. Constitution to be "Old". And I can't begin to understand how anyone thinks that the general public has access to machine guns...I assure you that they don't.

    I think it's high time to point something out to everything that's seemingly forgotten our History and where we come from. This country was founded on many things, Violence one of them. The reason we have our right to bear arms is so that there will never be the possibility of the Government oppressing the people.

    Our Declaration of Independence goes into specific detail of each citizen's responsibility to "Abolish" and "Throw off" a Government if it becomes oppressive or is generally against the best interests of the people. Our Founding Father said it best:

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants". -Thomas Jefferson-

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Craighawley215 says2016-03-07T15:57:38.133
The question and the article you referenced have nothing in common. Please explain how tougher gun laws has anything to do with a police deputy shooting a dog?