• Yes, too many were not covered.

    It is a shame when one of the most influential first world countries on the planet does not have adequate health care coverage that is affordable made available to all of its citizens. So it is a good thing that now we have what passes for universal health care that most can afford due to subsidies.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe the United States does need universal health care, but we also need the government to implement price controls in the health field as well. I feel we have entered an era where even the doctors are so selfish that they won't provide their services to those they don't deem worthy. This is a serious ethical issue and I think these doctors need to be put in their place so to speak.

  • Yes, the United States needs Universal Health Care.

    It's unacceptable that people are not able to get the care they need to survive because they can't afford it. It's also unacceptable that people are facing bankruptcy due to outrageous medical bill. The United States needs universal health care right now. We are the only industrialized nation without it, and it's a disgrace.

  • Yes, I think the US needs universal health care.

    I think the health care situation in the United States needs substantial reform and eventually move towards universal care. I think the majority of nations with universal care are relatively happy with it and have a better overall health care system then what the United States does, I think we need to approach it carefully and smartly but I do feel the United States should move towards universal care.

  • No, the United States dose not need a universal health care.

    The United States dose not need universal health care. It needs health care reform and standardization. The marketplace is the best delivery system for any type of service it allows for local needs to be taken into consideration and balanced out against whole. The role of government should be in setting standards for minimum coverage not setting up vast networks of systems that are doomed to fail. In counties that have universal health care systems in place, there is private system in place. Do we want this ? If true reform was in place the majority of people can and would make the rational choice to participate.

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