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Does the United States of America devote enough resources to accommodate immigrants who are also the English language learners?

  • In fact we are too accommodating.

    When my ancestors immigrated legally from Germany and the Netherlands there was little done to accommodate them beyond having someone translate at Elise Island. After that, they were pretty much left to provide their own education on the English language. When their children came back from school, the children would help teach the parents the English they had learned. When the family had felt they knew enough English, their foreign language was forbidden even in their own home. "We are in American now, we speak English" was a common saying when family member would start speaking in their native language. To people from that area of Europe, it was important to be seen as Americans rather than being from German areas because we where or had been at war with Germany at the time and speaking a Germanic sounding language was looked at as being part of the enemy. Speaking English allowed my ancestors to blend in better with American society and be treated as real Americans.
    Today, we accommodate foreign language too much, specifically Spanish. I could see if your area was founded by Hispanic people or frequently is visited by them like along the U.S. / Mexican boarder but here in the northern Midwest, if any foreign language it should be French because it was not only settled by them but we border French Canada. To accommodate people who speak Spanish is uncalled for.
    I remember a newspaper article a few years ago how a woman who moved from California to Illinois felt that local businesses should employ more Spanish speaking people to accommodate people like here so they could have it easier for her to shop and do other things. I have also noticed more and more bilingual signage specifically English/Spanish. If we give them no reason to learn the language, they will be more likely to continue speaking their foreign language and never be looked at as real Americans.
    I also find is down right stupid for us to celebrate their holidays. Why would we have a celebration about a foreign independence. Sure, we helped in them getting their independence but if their country is not good enough for them to stay, why celebrate it's independence?

  • There are services.

    Yes, the United States of America devotes enough resources to accommodate immigrants who are also English language learners, because there are resources for people who truly want to learn. People who want to learn English have access to ESL classes in almost every city. They can also watch tv shows like Sesame Street.

  • It is the responsibility of the immigrant to acquire the necessary skills

    It is not the responsibility of the United States to see to it that immigrants have the necessary language skills to get ahead. The immigrant should prepare for these things. We are almost certainly talking about illegal immigrants as they are the ones who are usually lacking the necessary language skills. The US already provides free compulsory education to all children, even those of, illegal immigrants. If you're undocumented you're in violation of the law, so illegal is the right word.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe the United States of America does devote enough resources to accommodate immigrants who are also English language learners. However, America has millions of illegal immigrants and resources obviously aren't directed towards those people because they shouldn't even be here. I think those that follow the process correctly receive substantial help.

  • Immigration Policy Fails

    The immigration system in America is broken. Too many illegal immigrants pervade our entitlement system and these people get free public education, free meals and even driver's licenses because they somehow are able to obtain documents that look like they belong in the United States. These illegals don't even pay taxes and yet they benefit from taxpayer assistance. The United States doesn't devote enough time to immigration in general, much less so in regards to accommodating immigrants trying to learn English.

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