Does the United States spend too much money on anti-terrorism?

  • Yes. To much money is spent on anti terrorism

    Terrorism is a problem and I'm not denying that. We have bigger problems like street crime, obesity, hang violence, the drug cartel and too many crazy people. There is more domestic terrorism in the U.S than there is foreign terrorism. We should focus on the really massive, huge problems that are tearing us apart.

  • Too much money is spent on anti-terrorism

    Too much money is spent on anti terrorism for too little return. While terrorist attacks cause a high cost in lives and damage to the economy, many other problems (disease, gun violence, car accidents) cause far damage overall. Terrorist attacks scare people and are highly visible, meaning that almost any legislation purporting to stop them can be passed - without any regards to its actual efficacy.

  • The united states does invest too much money into anti-terrorism.

    THe united states spends too much money over seas against anti terrorism efforts. I can agree on defensive measures that can protect American citizens, however the over seas efforts that sink millions upon billions of dollars that do not yield significant results should stop immediately. Focus on prtecting our home front, and stop putting money into countries we shouldn't be involved in.

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