• I don't think we're here for no reason

    There has to be a reason we are here. From a biblical standpoint, we're here to be fruitful and reproduce. The universe might serve as providing us extra resources since the Earth is so limited. We just have to learn to conquer it. I do think there is other if out there, and maybe our purpose has something to do with that.

  • The universe has a purpose or is purposeful. I do not know what that purpose is and neither does anybody else at this stage of

    Our evolutionary development. To exist is to have a purpose whether that existence be inanimate or animated. Absulute nothingness has no purpose but if there is a something then it has to have a purpose. You might say that consciousness is the universe becoming aware of itself.

  • Ask instead, Does the universe have a function?

    What does the universe actually do? And in answering that question you can make one of two possible determinations. If the universe does nothing (has no discernible function) then there is no purpose to the universe. If there the universe does something (has a discernible function) then there is a purpose to the universe. It seems to me that as a matter of scientific fact, the universe functions to support organic life on earth. The position of the planets, moon and sun relative to the earth, the rotational position and speed of the earth etc. They all play a vital role in supporting life on planet earth. If you were to alter or remove any of the major functions of the universe as we know them, organic life on earth would not be possible. Therefore since the universe functions so that we may live, we can conclude that the universe has a purpose.

  • It varies by individual race

    We cannot ignorantly assume that the universe has no purpose when we have not even seen all of it. It is foolish to try to understand what we yet to see and know, Most likely the universe has a purpose. Weather you choose to believe it does not its on you.

    Why I say there has to be a purpose? Because I have not found any evidence otherwise. Its to big to make a general statement from the fraction of a heartbeat in the Universe that Earth is, compared to us even mankind who has only been around intellectually for couple of thousands years

  • Yes.

    The universe does exist for a purpose. It's purpose is to live and reproduce, providing experiences and discoveries for people until there is no more room to live. Without knowing this, people take on a nihilistic worldview that promotes senseless and violent behavior. In Christian culture, humans are here because of God.

  • Yes, the Universe Has a Purpose

    Just like with everything else in life, the universe has a purpose. Whether or not that purpose is ever meant to be revealed to us mere mortals is an entirely different question. Regardless to whether we learn the answer to this timeless question, we should still do our best each day to mindful of our words and actions towards each other and ourselves and let the universe take care of itself.

  • No

    Let's see where we're headed. A few billions of years from now the universe will collapse on itself causing the destruction of everything within it. Doesn't seem very purposeful to me. We're here by accident. It's pretty awesome that we're alive, but no, we have no purpose.

  • No, the universe has no purpose

    There are two ways of having a purpose, one is to decide on a thing to do, like when we plan something, and another is to be made to perform a function, like a tool. Both of those presuppose a being capable of thought. I do not think the Universe itself is capable of thought, and I don't think the Universe was made simply to perform a function. It seems the real question being asked here is about the existence of human beings.

  • No. Not that we know.

    We do not have enough information to say whether there is a purpose to the universe, so in the absence of any evidence, we would say there is not one, just as we would say there is not a giant teacup floating around the earth -- because we do not currently have a reason to believe that. All we can do right now is develop our own sense of purpose that is individual.

  • There's Really Nothing...

    Considering what we heard or read about others that universe which is also the same as life itself has no purpose.
    It's in human nature to think about everything has a purpose, has meaning, because they can't live without knowing and makes them more curious about everything else. Sometimes there are things that is better to leave unknown.

  • No, there is no reason why it should

    In a few million years the sun will engulf the earth, by this point we will all have probably of destroyed the earth by our careless global warming. If we have a purpose then why do we just die out? If we had a purpose then we wouldn't be meaningless.

  • There is no reason why the universe should have a purpose.

    The universe creates a framework where humans, and presumably other intelligent beings in other solar systems, can thrive, but that was not its purpose, it is just a by-product of the incredibly large and diverse structure of space time. We know that the universe was created in the 'big bang' but we are not sure whether it will end in a 'big crunch' or expand into a uniform entropy of matter and energy, but whichever, all life in the universe will be destroyed.

  • Its a nice thought...

    but the universe most likely has no purpose. To say this without a shadow of a doubt, would be impossible, but to have purpose one has to be conscious. The universe creating beings that can be conscious of their own existence is pretty amazing, but probably pure chance. We are a tiny little speck of dust in an infinite universe. Human's want to believe they are the ultimate purpose because it makes them feel better.

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