• Yes, the universe has an ending. All things begin and end at some point.

    We, as humans, may never see, reach or know where or when the universe begins and ends but nothing can go on infinitely. Everything starts and stops, begins and ends. This may be beyond anything anyone can comprehend but it has to be true. Eventually you reach the bottom of the ocean, eventually you will reach the furthest spaces.

  • Yes, it does.

    I believe the universe has an ending. We are taught that the universe does not have an ending, but in my opinion everything has some type of ending or has to end at some point. No line truly goes on forever, eventually there is something that just stops going or growing.

  • The universe must end?!

    Does the universe end? I say yes. I am 10 years old and really want to know yes or no. But I think yes because something else must be out there the thing that created the universe so it must have a end. Please like and think about it. Yes or No? You chose.

  • Why it dies

    Like stars, universes half to die. But somewhere in the space of universes, one of the universes out there is at its last second. Like I have read in books, "Our Universe Is A Dying Universe." This point has made it very clear that one day our universe will die!

  • Universe has an end

    Every thing in the world has an end . Whatever has just begain has to come at an end . The thing which has started has to come up with an end. The universe is very big about what we think so I don't think that universe has an end .

  • It has an end

    I think that even if universe is extremely huge that our minds cant even understand such a huge-ness it has an ending. It definitely had a beginning so it MUST have an ending like everything we know...Every thing and every situation in life has a beginning and an ending...Why should be universe an exception? Secondly...Its still expanding...Where is it expending? There must me something some space that universe can expand to...Maybe there is another universe at the end of "ours" ...Who knows...

  • Yes It Does End

    Everything has an end. But who knows how? It could be a red line that kills anyone who crosses it, or a gate to another universe or anything. We cannot deny the fact the fact that the universe ends at some point by any way. Now this is something that science for sure will prove in the future.
    P.S.The above information can be wrong. There billions of answers to this question

  • End and Begin

    Each form of energy has a beginning and ending, but depending on that form of energy, each ending could be different. I believe that there are universes within universes, each universe in another. All universes have an end. Each has a new beginning, there is everything and nothing within the darkness that surrounds the planets and stars and nebulas.

  • Yes because it

    Is scientifically impossible for something to be never ending; the Earth will blow up one day, won't it? So there has to be a wall or a thing like the black hole, because it is unlikely that there will be another universe will magic and flying ponies and fries blah

  • Yes it does yet it doesnt

    Everything has a start and an ending, that ending is a start of a new start which has another ending which in turn starts another .. Think of it this way , a toy is enclosed inside a box , the box is enclosed inside a room , the room is enclosed inside the building , the building is encloed within the earths gravitation field , that in turn is enclosed in the solar system, what is the solar system enclosed in , and then what is that enclosed in and so on and so on . Our minds cannot comprehend all this so we dont dont know if the universe has an ending or not

  • It is never ending

    It is never ending and it keeps going and going and it is bigger than all of the planets and the stars and it is impossible to end it is infinity and beyond and you can never measure it is immeasurable to find out the truth of the solar system

  • No fucking way does the universe have an ending.

    The cool thing about studying astronomy is that no matter how much we learn there will always be so much that we don't know. We can always gain more information in this field but we can't grasp a large percentage of it. It's impossible to seize full understanding and knowledge of astronomy because it's constantly changing and transforming. Due to this most of it is not under our control nor will it be for future generations that'll explore this subject.

  • No the universe not end

    And if he end somewere what is after????The human mind never find the soluthion of this...We are only dust.All the history of the planet earth is a second of a milions years of the universe and never ands.Just live and try to understend what realy hapent.Its alla maters of luck....

  • God god god

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  • Common sense and obviously.

    I think you can just see black or "nothingness" so it doesnt have end , but the answer can change because there are no science explanation for this thing. No one can prove that it has ending or nope we may know it in the future , i hope there will be an answer for this thingy.

  • Both yes and no

    Yes it is because if any thing have starting point then it must have also a end point so according to me universe have end but im not talikg about the blacksish type in the space im talking about the universe .. Let us take example if u r im middle of ocean then if u r thinking that ocean has no end so u r tottaly wrong bcz if u will survive from ocean and then u found that land so if universe hv end then it is surely that another point will be start like wise land..... (according to me any thing have not end point rather it pass to another point)...

  • Of course it doesn't end!

    The universe is expanding, but it's not expanding into anything because it's already taken up all of the space it can. Everything is just moving away from each other. Imagine the universe like a box. Everything we can see is inside, but what is on the outside? There can't be space and an outside, because then where does that go? You might as well just stick with "The universe does not have an ending", and stop giving yourself a headache trying to make sense of it all.

  • Its a big place out there

    If there is an ending or an edge then what is on the other side of that? We once thought that the black darkness that we call space was filled with nothingness but then we discover that there actually is quite a bit of stuff out there. I think as humans we just can fathome that expansiveness as of yet

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  • The universe has no end.

    I believe that the universe has no end because it's like numbers it hopes into infinity and never stops. It continues to expand and expand but never stops. Some thing have an ending but not everything. There was a start to the universe but maybe no end. There might be an end to the universe but I don't think we will be ever able to reach it. It's like the impossible never ending end.

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