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  • The US Congress does not deserve exemption from insider trading laws.

    The US Congress does not deserve exemption from insider trading laws. I think that they should have to follow the rules just like anybody else does. It would be unfair to everybody else that plays a part in the market for the Congress to get any special treatment or any unfair advantages.

  • no, of course not.

    This is the problem with congress. Especially the congress that is in power right now. They think they are above the law in every way possible. Like, it's okay to shut down the government and take away people's paychecks, but they keep making money. The same applies with this question.

  • What? Of Course Not!

    No, I do not believe the US Congress deserves exemption from insider trading laws. Insider trading is dangerous for the entire economical system. Giving Congress an exemption would given people like Ted Cruz, who will shut down the government based on their own ideals, the power to shut down the economy. Do you really want them to have that kind of power over your life?

  • They should be accountable to their own laws

    Insider trading laws exist to protect investors from getting screwed by those in the know. This should apply to Congress as much as anyone, given the sensitive information many representatives and senators are personally aware of. Congress is supposed to protect the people, not victimize them, so why encourage criminal activity among them?

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