Does the US government have a duty to promptly reveal details to US citizens about near-collisions over foreign waters?

  • U.S Citizens should always be in the Loop.

    Every time there is a war U.S Americans should know what is going on, for the fact how ever a war may end, we all could be affected by it, without a clue as to what happened or what is going on. Then we could wake up one day with a new Government, or without cause.

  • Let's Define Promptly

    It is the duty of the United States Government to report all information that it has to offer its citizens about travel, incidents, and positive issues overseas and within its own borders. However, the timing of such information differs from issue to issue and is dependant upon the ability of the people of the country to be involved. The Government of the United States relies on the involvement of its people in the form of voting and charitable activities either through monetary means or time with action. In instances such as the sinking of certain vessels or crashes where the United States has nearby bases, it is certainly their duty to inform the people as quickly as possible in order to rally support for the troops involved in rescue and garner support for the victims and survivors themselves. We have seen several travel tragedies overseas recently and the United States Government gave as much information as was given in the most prompt manner possible which had a positive effect on the cases considering the possibility of the issues going without the note of the wealth of knowledge, money, and compassion of our nation. On the flip side, if the alerting of citizens can do no good by gathering support, then the definition of prompt is given significantly more leeway; though prompt informing is key to a proper government.

  • We should know what they know.

    Yes, the US government has a duty to reveal details about near collisions over foreign waters, because people should be able to decide for themselves what risks they want to take. We should be able to get information as to how dangerous an activity, or even an air space is, before we decide if we want to do that or go there.

  • No, the US government does not have a duty to promptly reveal near-collisions over foreign waters, in most cases.

    While I agree that there may be some cases where the government should reveal such details, I don't think this is usually warranted. The government doesn't need to be spending time creating and detailing reports of near-collisions over foreign waters, unless it is a national security emergency and other Americans are threatened. I would imagine such occurrences have happened rather often. If attributed to accidents, I don't see this as very news worthy.

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