Does the US win over Mexico mean the United States has a stronger team this year?

  • Mexicans love their soccer, and for the U.S. to compete means the team has made strides.

    U.S. men's soccer at an international level has not given our domestic fans much to be proud about in recent years, but perhaps a win over soccer-crazed Mexico does a bit to change all that. The sport has seen recent growth in this country, and I am glad to see the world's most popular sport is gaining some traction.

  • Winning doesn't necessarily mean stronger.

    Having a winning team, in my opinion, doesn't always mean that the team is stronger. It could very well mean that the team simply used the time off-season better this year. A win is always the effect of the team's training. I wouldn't be surprised if Mexico wised up to this and began to train harder.

  • The win does not mean a stronger team.

    Even a weak team can win against a strong team. Sometimes a team has a bad night and looses, or has a great night and wins. A number of wins would be a better idea of if a team is strong. Luck has some thing to do with winning and not just skill.

  • No, the US win over Mexico does not mean that the United States has a stronger team.

    The United States score before Wednesday was 2-4-3 while that of Mexico was 6-1-1 which clearly showed that Mexico was the stronger team before the Wednesday match. In addition to this, the United states team had not won a single match since last September which also adds to the fact that Mexico has been performing better overall despite Wednesday;s loss

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