• Putin defends his country.

    Russia does not aim to expansion. Upon Germany reunification, the matter between Gorbachev/Kohl was : does the unified Germany have to enter the NATO or the Warsaw pact? At the end decision was made in favour of NATO. BUT the "condicio sine qua non" was that NATO would not have expanded to reach Russia borders in the coming years. Well, under US influence a number of nations joined NATO: Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, (Georgia tried), Czech republic, Slovakia etc etc... Yes one can tell these people were fed up with USSR/Russia and so forth, but US soft power played a significant role in the story. More recently US tried to annex also Ukraine. This would have brought NATO borders to Russia. And this is when Putin acted to "invade" Crimea. Ok, you can say the referendum was a farce (let's keep in mind 80% of the population of Crimea is Russian though), but at the end of the day who did expand more? NATO expanded to almost Russian borders. Russia got Crimea. Putin is defending his Country, and if you were in his shoes I bet you would do the same!

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