Does the use of chemical or biological weapons justify invasion?

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  • The use of chemical or biological weapons justifies invasion.

    The use of chemical and biological weapons is a violation of the Geneva Convention. If a country violates international laws, other nations are justified in bringing it to justice. A nation is not legitimate if it breaks international agreements. Other countries can bring rogue states into line, with military force if necessary.

  • Yes, biological or chemical weapon usage should lead to being invaded

    Biological and chemical weapons cause a kind of drawn out, agonizing devastation that make the use of them grounds for removing the person(s) responsible. They show such a depraved way of looking at the value of the lives of other people, their utilization is a red flag that says the person(s) responsible really don't consider anything off limits, and it's time to put an end to their reign before their next barbaric action.

  • The use of chemical or biological weapons does not justify invasion.

    Chemical weapons are like another weapons and it depends on the country what weapon it wants to use in wars or fights and no one can force it to use other weapons. It depends on the country to what situation it is in to use these weapons if it's about to yield it would better use them and save its people from being overrun by others rather than let them be at the mercy of others.
    No country should be allowed to interfere with the policy of another no matter what this is a violation of international law as well so stop the invasions and let the people of the country handle themselves.

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