Does the Use of Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs by Some Athletes Coerce Other Athletes to Also Use Them to Remain Competitive?

  • Yes, it is a lot of pressure.

    Yes, the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs by some athletes coerce other athletes to use them to allow them to remain competitive, because the athletes feel that they have no other choice but to use the drugs, if they want to make a living in the profession. Also, that other people use them creates a culture of drug use, and the other athletes will feel that it is more acceptable to use the drugs.

  • For some, yes

    I think that the use of performance enhancing drugs by some athletes does make other athletes want to use them too in order to remain competitive. Some are not affected by others drug use, but for some the feel that they cannot compete if they do not use drugs, especially since they make you bigger, stronger, and faster.

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