Does the use of performance-enhancing drugs violate the "spirit of sport?"

  • Duh they do

    Yes of course PED's violate the spirit of sport. The 'spirit of sport' is characterised as healthy, fair and honest. PED's do not fall into any of those characters what so ever. How are people supposed to show their natural talent when they have those unaturally doped up athletes on the track/field/course/court etc?

  • Yes They Do

    I believe that the use of performance-enhancing drugs does violate the spirit of sports. I believe the reason we hold sports is for fun and entertainment. Athletes hold themselves up to high standards, so the can perform their best, but when some athletes use performance-enhancing drugs, it is no longer a level playing field.

  • Yes they do.

    The use of performance enhancing drugs do violate the spirit of the sport. The spirit of the sport is to teams going against each other on a equal playing field and the best team wins. If someone is using performance enhancing drugs then they are cheating the players and the fans of the game.

  • It's about athletic competition, not chemistry.

    You are supposed to be the best you can be in sports by training hard and learning your limits. You're not supposed to go beyond those limits by giving yourself a needle full of go juice or whatever. When you get to the point in sports where you want or need to win at all costs, it's time to walk away, not become a junkie.

  • Yes, they do.

    I believe that they are inappropriate in sports for multiple reasons. One reason is that I believe that sports should be a celebration of health and steroids are unhealthy. Another reason is that if they were allowed then it would force an environment where everyone would have to be using them to compete which sends a bad message to children and fans.

  • Yes, it is a violation.

    The spirit of sport is to compete on a level field where everyone involved needs to prove his or her own abilities and develop them to their maximum potential. However, performance enhancing drugs take away that level playing field, especially because one can not know who is taking them and who is not.

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Violate the Spirit of the Game

    Yes, performance enhancing drugs violate the spirit of the sport. The spirit of competition is to do the very best that one can naturally do, and using a performance enhancing drug is not the very best one can do naturally. Thus, use of performance enhancing drugs violates the spirit of the sport.

  • Performance enhancing drugs force an additional requirement on athletes

    Because the use of performance enhancing drugs is widespread in certain sports, the athletes of these sports are then required to start using them if they want to be competitive. Some of these drugs can be dangerous to the body, and thus it is not in good spirit that these drugs are used.

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