Does the Viking team glorify imperialism and racism?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • While they've improved on racial relation

    I think we need to change the name to a name that doesn't glorify bigotry or imperialism like the Romans, Mohawks, Iriquois, Inuits, Hurons or something appropriate. The Vikings were a cruel and vicious group who brutally invaded a good amount of Europe. We should not be glorifying such people.

  • That's a good question! I think though that football teams are not named to honor their subject, but to emphasize their subject's fierceness.

    I do not think that naming a team after the Vikings is doing them service. They are not honoring the Vikings, but taking a name that makes the team seem violent and fierce. It probably glorifies violence, but I don't think they are being imperialistic. Football teams are often named after the "bad guys" for intimidation.

    Posted by: kbub
  • It's just a mascot

    They just want to have a mascot that is vicious and shows pride and honor. They are not glorifying anything except how they play football. They want to look powerful and bad*** just like any other team. It's ridiculous how seriously people take the team's mascot. People want to change the name of the redskins, and also forced Washington's basketball team to change their name from the bullets because of the crime rate. A mascot doesn't condone anything and it is stupid and pathetic when someone runs out trying to change a mascot.

  • Wake up its a football team

    Like many other teams like buccaneers and the raiders they tend to patronize pirates who were thief's and very violent individuals as well but as the years went by society decided to change their views on pirates excluding all the bad views which turned pirates into somewhat a desirable personality to have for their adventurousness. I believe vikings are the same. It has been scientifically proven that our ancestors pass information onto us more than physical emotional also and having said this we are vikings as-well except back then there was no media pressure and an ethnic code. Each person has a double personality like jekyll and hyde one is the one everyone sees while the other does what the body and the mind have necessity for him to do. People were just not as influenced as we are today so that's why we do not have such radicalists groups. As for racism we have not yet solved that problem even now a days it has always existed. For us to evolve we can not judge but accept our past so that we can concentrate in our future. As for the vikings team in specific they do not promote racism or imperialism because they have different races in their team and each race has a different prespective of things. Other great empires were like this such as the romans and the english but nowadays we tend to forget their crimes and instead we glorify them as a period of mankind on which we have evolved.

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Adam2isback says2014-11-22T21:30:56.800
They were some of the most racist teams in America during segregation