• A true "People's Car"

    The Volkswagen Golf absolutely deserves the Car of the Year award, for a myriad of reasons. First, the Golf is a classless car. You can drive out to the beach in it, and right back into the city for a business meeting, and never look out of place. Second, VW's conservative and evolutionary design is timeless, so the car will not look dated in two years' time. Third, the Golf is a formula that works, why change it? It is a utilitarian vehicle, with good looks, and a range of efficient engines (including a fully electric motor). To say that the Golf isn't innovative is a contradiction. Its selection of advanced driver-aid systems, full-color touch screen infotainment systems, digital clusters, and class-leading interior fit and finish make the Golf family of cars all things to all people. It's the only car you'll ever truly need.

  • Why vw golf

    Yes the vw golf should be car of the year, yea it's true there are more advanced cars out there and maybe better, but the golf does have 5 options to choose from, and that's the whole reason for them being chosen, you have the all electric vw e-golf. Then you have the regular vw golf, the vw golf tdi, the vw gti, and the best of them all the vw golf R, and you can take into consideration that the dsg transmission is one of the worlds fastest transmissions, basically a bugatti transmission, so yea, and take my word for it, it's extremely fast, try getting that on a Honda fit bud

  • No, the Volkswagen Golf is not innovative enough to be named Car of the Year.

    For a car to be named Car of the Year, it should bring something innovative to the table. The Volkswagen Golf has changed little over its long lifespan as a car model, and there have not been any remarkable changes to its design this year to warrant special recognition. A better candidate would be a model that has undergone a significant update (such as the Honda Fit) or a completely new model (such as the new Tesla).

  • No, the Volkswagen Golf should not be named car of the year.

    No, the Volkswagen Golf should not be named car of the year. There are many other cars that deserve this honor and the Volkswagen Golf is really nothing special. This car model has been around for quite some time and is mediocre at best. A more innovative car should get this honor.

  • Conservative year after year

    So many really exciting developments are being made in the automobile industry at the moment. From Elon Musk's Tesla motors the darling of Wall Street to Google's self drive car, surely 2014 is the year of technological advancement.

    The VW Golf barely changes year after year, albeit from a good starting point.

  • BMW's electric stuff is better.

    No, the Volkswagen Gold does not deserve to be named Car of the Year, because there are so many good electric cars that BMW has put out in the last couple of years that one of them has to take it. Anyone can design an electric car. What BMW did was design an electric car that is sleek and powerful.

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