Does the Voting Rights Act reflect current political conditions?

  • The Voting Rights Act does still reflect current political conditions.

    Yes, I believe that the Voting Rights Act reflects current political conditions, as seen recently when the Act headed to the Supreme Court. It is now in the hands of the Supreme Court Justices to decide just how the Voting Rights Act still plays out in American democracy today, but I feel that it is just as important today as the day when the Act was first enacted.

  • Yes, it still does

    It's frightening to see an effort to get rid of this being taken seriously. This was put in place to prevent district lines from being redrawn in the interest of getting certain people elected or not re-elected, why would we want to enable that sort of behavior to go back to being commonplace? Frightening.

  • No, it does not reflect the current political condition.

    I do not think that the voting rights act is indicative of the current political climate. While no politician seriously endorses racism that existed in the 1960s, I think that the assumption that the South is full of a bunch of bigots is an outdated one. There are not people trying to steal you vote because of your race.

  • It stands for something better

    The Voting Rights Act was created so that more citizens can have the right to vote. Politics in 2013 have been aimed at changing laws so that less people will vote. Republicans and conservatives are appealing the Supreme Court's decision so they can change voting laws in their states. The current political condition of our country is in a sad state because Republicans are sacrificing the next 3 years in order to hinder rights to improve their chances in 2016.

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