Does the Westboro Baptist Church have a right to protest Connecticut victims' funerals?

  • Yes they have that right.

    As long as they do not get violent or trespass on private property they have a right to free speech even if it's inflammatory. Once we start regulating certain types of speech what is to stop the government from going further and before we know it we can't express ourselves at all.

  • Unfortunately, yes.

    The WBC shows us that the freedom of speech that we fight for is not always easy to digest. What we need to do is show these grieving families and Society as a whole that the members of WBC are in the minority. We should show our servicemen and women as much respect and love as possible, and show the hateful WBC how misguided they are.

  • Sadly, yes.

    It's hard to swallow, but the right to lawfully protest is an essential one, and I personally don't want my government to decide what is and is not offensive. It is unfortunate that there are people disgusting enough to protest funerals of soldiers and children, but it is their right to stand out on the streets and hold signs. It's deplorable and disgusting, but they are allowed to do it.

  • Yes, they have the right to protest at the CT funerals.

    Sadly, yes, the Westboro Baptist church has the right to protest at the Newtown funerals. Having to put up with groups like them are the price we pay for our freedoms. I do think they should not permitted within a certain distance of the mourners, and I would happily join the motorcycle clubs who form a human wall around the mourners to block them out.

  • Inflicting on others

    Although it is stated in the constitution that anyone in this country that is a citizen has the right to freedom of speech, the WBC members are totally out of line! We as people of the US have a right to freedom of speech as long as they are NOT inflicting upon others rights, which is exactly what WBC is doing when protesting at military funerals. They are absolutely absurd.

  • History of Inciting Violence

    Although I do believe, sadly, that they initially have had the constitutional right to protest, their message in and of itself rests on a very fine line, history of their own protest show that they do in fact incite violence as is well documented in video footage and police documentation. As such their right to protest should be revoked.

  • Inciting Violence and Hatred

    What these people are doing is trying to anger people into being hurtful or violent towards them. They see other people's hatred of them as justification of their actions and their beliefs. They say what they say not because they want to get across the message of the Bible and God to people, but because they have been taught by Fred Phelps that if people are angry with them, they are justified, therefore, they incite hatred to justify themselves.

  • Westboro Baptist Church

    Those people are wrong to protest a military person's funeral. They are being totally disrespectful towards those families. There are so many times where the constituition could get poeple out of truoble, but it doesn't. Those protest are rude. They clearly have no respect for the people who serve our country, and fight for us.

  • Going to funnels

    Someone just lost a family member, he was fighting for our life's. They shouldn't do that. We do have "Freedom of Speech," we love that right. But some people take it to far. They need to be caring, I don't see them out there fighting for us. They need to more caring. Then going to the graveyard and saying all tho's mean things about God, and everything he does, that they don't like. They need to think about what they are doing.

  • They shouldn't be able to do this

    What they are doing is basically verbal violence. They are saying that it is okay to go murder Elementary schoolers simply because America allows gay marriage, which isn't even bad in itself. Just because a country permits gay marriage, not even in all states, it doesn't make it okay to say that those kids who have nothing to do with gay marriage should be slaughtered.

  • No it does not

    I think the church needs to mind its own business like its own religion and stop being a busy body for Gods sake. If a church is allowed to open its mouth about every little thing that happens nothing would ever get done and we should start shutting down church's who do.

  • No, they do not have the right to protest at funerals.

    WBC has no right because they are using the "freedom of speech" in the wrong way. The freedom of speech is so the people can be informed on the actions of the government. The founders put that right there so that the people can keep the government at bay and keep the gov. away from thing they have no right to. The WBC has no right to protest at funerals. They do not understand what the right freedom of speech is for and what it gives to the people.

  • Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech

    The WBC spews hate speech direct at people whom they really have no issue with.
    I am gay and it really upsets me to see the WBC cause such pain to people who are not the target of their hatred. If you have a problem with homosexuality, address the homosexuals, not the people dealing with the worst of their lives, i.e. deceased soldiers and murdered children.

  • Sick Individuals

    I firmly believe that these so-called human beings need to be stopped. They are not children of God, but of Satan. Our loving God would never send a shooter into an elementary school. Where are privacy rights? Rights for our loved ones to be honored and remembered in a respectful atmosphere? These people are hateful, yelling disrespectful things to the grieving family left behind. What is this world coming to when this is acceptable as freedom of speech?

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