• Yes it does.

    Yes the White House lacks diversity. However, it is up to the people to elect leaders that will best represent their interests, no matter what their ethnicity, gender or orientation is. Then, it is up to the elected leaders to appoint the people that will do the best job in the position. Although I believe the White House needs more diversity, I would not vote for someone based solely on their ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. I will only vote for someone I believe will represent me and my beliefs best.

  • Not at all! Not Obama's White House!

    No! Obama's White House does not lack diversity. Obama has appointed more women and minorities, or at least as many as other presidents, but for some reason, this has become a mainstay issue of the Obama administration. When previous (white) presidents have appointed a number of white men to posts, it was not reported on, but Obama appoints some, and it becomes news. We currently have a very diverse White House.

  • No

    No I do not think the White House lacks diversity. From every thing that I have seen, the president has done a good job picking a very diverse Cabinet. I also think that Congress, especially the Senate, is made up of a very diverse group of people. Gone are the days of all white, straight males.

  • No, I don't think it does.

    The people Obama has chosen have long time experience in the government and reputations for being qualified for their positions. It would be a sort of reverse discrimination to have as his criteria the goal to make it more diverse as a primary consideration. I believe that it will become more diverse as a natural process as more people move up through the ranks. Our government has largely been white males in the past and it will take some time for qualified culturally or racially diverse people to begin to infiltrate the system.

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