• Yes, I like the look of it.

    Not usually my cup of tea but the Johnny Cash soundtrack is a stroke of genius and the film has a dark look to it that has a lot of appeal. I also like the fact that Hugh Jackman has a much older, more damaged appearance; again, this makes the film more attractive. The trailer also builds to a nice crescendo (as all good trailers should). I will be seeing it when it's released here.

  • Yes, it does.

    Is it just me or does this film a little more artsy than the others in the X-Men series? I quite like that. It feels like Crouching Tiger was crossed with Lost in Translation. I'm glad we're past the stage of assuring people that superhero movies work and now studios are willing to take proper risks. This looks like it might be the standalone Wolverine deserves. I hope it delivers. And I hope producers keep making 'different' comic book films from now on!

  • Wolverine trailer looks enticing

    The Wolverine trailer is enticing, making me want to see the movie. It looks exciting, and the executives are promising an ending to the series. He is being attacked, but we do not who is the perpetrator. The trailer piqued my interest sufficiently to continue with the series, which is not an easy task.

  • Yes, the Wolverine trailer makes me want to see the movie.

    Yes, the Wolverine trailer makes me want to see the movie because the special effects and acting appear to be high quality. It will be an action packed film, and the first movie was excellently done. I look forward to seeing many of the old characters that I have come to love.

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