• In a limited way

    Although the Forum has a limited role in economic decision making consensus, having a venue where the world economic powers can get together and discuss economic issues is always a positive thing. Certain gatherings have turned out more important than others depending on the timing with economic situations and events that coincide with the meeting.

  • Dialogue is Important

    While the World Economic Forum has its detractors, the summit held at Davos in Switzerland every Winter, inaugurated by Klaus Schwab in 1971, is trying to stimulate dialogue and is committed to finding economic solutions. The Make Trade Fair campaign and other protest organisations regularly bring up legitimate concerns about the intentions of the forum, but the fact is that transparent negotiations and well-meaning leadership can and do yield positive global results.

  • Yes, the World Economic Forum helps the global economy.

    The organisation engages in business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas. In addition to this it holds meetings in various parts of the world to discuss matters that affect the global economy. It also prepares reports to address those issues and thereby helping in the control of global economy

  • No, World Economic Forum is a sham

    The World Economic Forum is nothing more than an opportunity for those who have too much money to get together and feel good. They create feel good moments by making themselves believe they are doing the world good. It would be great to see real outcomes from this event, rather than the over-hyped discussion of private planes needing to land.

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