Does the world make things as good as they used to?

Asked by: y0y0
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  • They make some things BETTER

    In my opinion, "the world" makes a lot of things better than they used to. If when you say things you mean toys , then we can say that they are being made better because today's "toys" are often more technological and advanced, therefore better. If by things you mean everything in general, ie a house then we can say that because our technology has improved, almost all things are better than they used to be.

  • No they don't

    I don't think they do because look at a shack brand new looks perfect but two days later it falls over but in the old days it wouldn't look good and three weeks later it would still be there same thing with cars ask people from the old days they'll say "they don't make things as good as the used to anymore"

    Posted by: y0y0
  • Producer Of Bad Quality Items

    Overall, I would say we are making tons of inferior products for every worthwhile product we have available to us. I believe corporations have cut as many costs as possible in an attempt to make more money, in the process they have slashed the quality of their products as well.

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