• You learn from siblings

    I have two older sisters, and they have always been a role model for me. I have learned from there mistakes and seen what they have done well and it has made me a much better person. If there was this rule possible heroes wouldn't exist what if Leonardo di Vinci never existed or Gallelio it would make the world worse.

  • I say yes

    The world really needs a one child policy now because the world is overpopulated, and the environment is also crumbling terribly. The best way is to enforce a one child policy. Furthermore, the one child policy will benefit families by saving time, money, stress, and there will be no siblings rivalry.

  • We should... Eventually.

    From the scientific reports I have read, it is estimated that planet Earth can support, at maximum, 10 billion humans. While I don't think we need such a policy now, once our population begins to approach that point it should be instigated globally. If were to surpass that maximum threshold, well, I don't want to think about what life would be like.

  • No it would backfire.

    The problem with one child policies is that they create a lack of a new productive force in the economy thus creating a major demand for labor causing several conflicts in productive capacity. Instead the world should be focusing on maintaining steady population growth through education and cultural shifts. To deal with the amount of younger people entering the work force (assuming we haven't automated every industry) we likely will need to establish shorter work hours, higher wages to compensate, and reduce urbanization by promoting improving city planning and a cut down on urban sprawl by regulating housing development companies to focus on quality modeling instead of quantity. This will do much better in compensating the current population growth, and provide a closer happier population.

  • No no no

    There is enough space to expanded our population and its not like people don't die there will away be space left over since people don't live forever and we should let a husband and wife desire on how many kid they can have but we should have a law that makes sure no one goes over 5 that is to much to Handel as a parent and can over populate the world faster then having 2 kid.

  • Wouldn't say it NEEDS it

    Probably be better for it. I just don't think it's an option we can realistically apply to the current world. Still some space to expand yet, seek solutions. If I had children I would prefer to have more than one. Siblings were a supportive rather than negative influence in my family.

  • Are you insane?!

    If 2 people = 1 offspring the population will be cut in half just by 1 generation! With fewer people to feed that also means fewer people to work jobs! NONE of your current problems will change! The only thing 1 child laws are good for is evil dictators that want less competition in the future. I plan on having no less than 5 kids and if you care about America's next generation YOU WILL TOO!

  • I would say no.

    There is 2 people needed to make a child, If they only can make 1 child, it is 1/2. If there is 100 people on the Earth, the next generation it would be 50, then 25, then 12-13, and so on. Eventually there will be nothing left. It might save time, money, and stress, but it isn't worth eliminating the human race.

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