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  • No it doesn't.

    I am not a fan of Sex and the City. It is so boring and I don't see the point in it. I do not think the world needs another season of Sex and the City. There could be a much better show put in its place. It really is awful!

  • Please no more 'Sex and the City'

    No there is no need for another season of 'Sex and the City.' It was an excellent program, but now the theme and roles of the characters have gotten stale. It no longer is a valid reflection on life in the big city. Since the last original programs ten year ago things have changed in society and they missed the train.

  • Enough is enough

    This whole show is based around the worst sort of banal vanity and idolization of the rich. Why would we need more of what we already have a surfeit of? If the world is to make another seasons of an amazing television show then we should get on with convincing David Simon to make a 6th season of "The Wire."

  • No, the world does not need another season of Sex and the City.

    Sex and the City was a great show and had very successful seasons. Many people loved the show and I am sure would watch another season, however that does not mean that one should be created. What's done is done and if it were created now I don't beleive it would have the magic that it once had.

  • No, it's time for Sex and the City to stop.

    No, there's no reason for another season of "Sex and the City." The show has run the course as far as effective story lines, and it's time for all of these actors to find other roles to play. Going further would mean failing to yield fresh plot ideas that would entertain audiences.

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