• The deception of being around too long.

    We have seen it all, tried it all. Hope and despair have alternated continually. What one aspires to is anathema to another. An ideal is something that exists beyond us for existence itself is not ideal. Right action and right aims are instinctive and fundamental qualities backed up by peer pressure, ideals are subjective and too often run contrary to nature.

  • Yes of course!

    Ideals are defined as a person or thing regarded as perfect. The world is far from perfect. Has society evolved into a more conscience organization. Yes, but that does not make it perfect. Human rights, feminism, anarchy, liberalism, realism, conservatism...What ever your passion, are met with flaws, therefore not perfect.

  • Yes.

    Isaac Asimov once said, “the saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

    Although our world today does lack ideals, and wisdom as Mr. Asimov pointed out, I do truly believe that ideals aren't necessary to lead a satisfying life. People have different idea as to the "ideal" world, and because there are no set "ideals," too much idealism can lead to conflict.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes the world today lacks ideals in my opinion. Everyone in this country has a different set of ethics, based on what they were raised to know from a young age, which followed them through adulthood. The definition of ideals is, An ideal is a principle or value that one actively pursues as a goal. Not everyone has this system going on in their head.

  • No, for every evil act there are kind acts gone unnoticed.

    We hear it all over the news. School shootings and rapists and mass robberies, and wonder where our ideals have gone. Some may say that the legalization of recreational marijuana and gay marriage shows lack of American ideals, but that simply is not true. For every evil immoral act committed, there are people feeding the homeless or doing kind acts for strangers that simply go unnoticed. Ideals are ingrained to humans and it takes a truly psychologically ill person to lack ideals, yet the vast majority of the world still maintains theirs.

  • No, we are just fine

    Of course the world has ideals...we always have and we always will. These ideals change, however, and are therefore not the exact same as they were even just a few years ago. This is how things work. Just because their are different, though, doesn't mean that the current ideals are wrong.

  • No, it doesn't

    While some people in the world certainly do, everyone has their own version of what is considered "ideal" and there are certainly examples of ideals all around the world. They may be different from a western viewpoint of what an ideal is, but that does not mean that they are not there.

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