• Yes, "This Is Us" deserves a full season for its unique plot premise, and quality combination of comedy and drama.

    "This Is Us" has a strong plot point in showing real connections between people who have the rather weak general connection of a shared birthday. The show pairs humorous elements with serious issues. This makes it great viewing for a diverse audience, which was also shown by the large numbers of viewers for its first two episodes.

  • yes it does

    People seem to really enjoy the characters and the situations in This is US. But maybe since it doesn't have a full season, it will have better ratings since people won't take it for granted. That being said, there's a lot of competition for viewers and this is a sweet show.

  • "This is Us" is a promising new TV show

    The reviews for the new show "This is Us" are in, and they are largely positive. The New York Times called it a show that tugs at all the right heartstrings. The show focuses on a group of people who all share the same birthday. As cheesy as this premise sounds, the show carries it quite well, which makes it deserving of a full season.

  • Yes, I think it does.

    I am enjoying this show. The chemistry between the actors makes the show. When I saw Ken Olin listed as both an executive producer and the episode's director, I renewed my hope from last week's pilot that this will be the "Thirtysomething" for the new millenium. For those of us that loved that show, this is a welcome surprise. I love "This is Us"!!

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