• It's point is that there is no real noticable point.

    I mean that's a literal tangible point, right? It's point is to confuse people and lead them into a discovery on the point of the question which is it's point in essence. Why would the combination of words and frases and the grammar needed to produce such a sentence to exisistence and have no point makes no sense. Haha

  • The 'v' in have.

    Aside from the literal point (the bottom angle of the 'v'), the question does have a point. Every question has a point, some of them are just really, really obscure. This question has a clear point, though. Its point is to identify whether or not it has a point, which does technically qualify as a point.

    And there's the 'v'.

  • Any question is worth it even the most stupid.

    Yes, all questions have an answer to it and can spark significant ideas. Also since no one is suppose to judge, a simple question won't hurt anything. However there are certain people out in the world that ask questions that have no relevance what so ever and those, my friend, are not worth it.

  • This is a loop question.

    This question has no point to it, because it takes itself nowhere outside of itself. If this question did not exist, no hole would be missing in our understanding of anything, because it is a self entertaining question. It is a loop; you need the question to answer the question, but without the question you could not ask about the question. My brain hurts, but no, this question has no point to it.

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Bullish says2013-05-31T20:12:12.667
This question is 100% round.